Are there any story/cutscenes for the next 101th-200th floors of Setsubun or are they just pure challenge quest for veteran?

I’m a lore/story crazed kind of player and the one of the reason why I love FGO so much is that they have better storytelling than most Gacha game out there.

For the Setsubun event right now, I really love the story cutscenes, especially the interaction between servants. As for reaching the 100th floor, that wouldn’t be much of a problem for me personally.
However… Above that? I wouldn’t be so sure…
Because I don’t really have much time to spare playing other than the occasional daily and advancing few stages for the main singularity stories.

Do floors above 100th have stories/cutscenes or they are just purely challenge quests?

Note: Sorry for my grammar… English is not my main language.


No cut-scenes as far as 120 floors, so I can safely assume there won’t be any going further up.

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Nope, no cutscenes/story on upper 100 floors. Good drops and clear rewards tho :)


Pure ‘challenge’.


tho its not that hard, just use the ce and ur good. I have been tackling the event with 3 star ce except the boss floor. the main thing u should get is the golden fou and lore

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Not to mention 10+ feathers and like 6 scales. Those mats freaking suck and lots of good servants need a ton of them