Are there currently any cheats/exploits in GBL?

Story time: trying out some spicy picks and I lead with Obstagoon. Opponent leads Chimecho, switches to Cressalia (only GK version as I find out). I’m thinking “oh man, I’m going to clean this guy’s team if I can keep Obstagoon in”. Right as his Cress goes down (and I’ve gotten the Night Slash buff), lag hits. He puts in Steelix w/Tfang and farms a Heavy Slam before I can do F-all! Lag persists, 'goon goes down only firing 1 charge move (despite extra energy from pummeling Cress) and my remaining (spicy) 'mon can’t finish the job (especially since his Chimecho has moves charged up). If lag hadn’t hit me right when it did I would’ve wiped his entire team using just Obstagoon. P*ssed me off to no end…

So I had thought that the “airplane-mode exploit” and others had been patched, but this particularly fortuitous lag makes me think not… Any of you heard anything about it? Please, good evidence only. I know my experience is anecdotal but its also very suspicious and I put nothing past the dregs of competitive online play. :stuck_out_tongue:

TL;DR ran into veeeerrry suspicious lag and am wondering if Niantic ever cleaned up those exploits that were popping up or if anyone else had further info.

Didn’t run into a lag issue (besides the normally crap Niantic lag), but I’m 80% sure I encountered the Thunder Shock exploit again.

Yeah, I know that one hasn’t been patched, just sorta made difficult to use.

Not saying there are absolutely no cheats, but i have been recording my battles and have never caught any fast move exploit last season.

From this video that i thought the opponent had cheated, it was actually miscounted.

mud shot = 9 energy gain
earthquake = requires 65 energy
2 earthquakes = 130 energy = 15 mud shots

What i counted at first:

  • 5 mud shots before Aggron faints
  • 3 mud shots (total 8) and used first earthquake
  • 3 mud shots (total 11) before Empoleon’s charged move
  • 3 mud shots (total 14) second earthquake.

What happened was the first mud shot occurred when opponent switched to swampert right before i clicked my charged move. The fast move was not displayed (that’s Niantic’s fault…), but you can see that it counted by looking at my Aggron’s HP. So yeah, record your battles. If you suspect any exploits, or even lags, send the video to Niantic and they will likely refund you premium/remote passes.

I’ve wondered about exploits, cheats, and glitches for this season. Last night, it seemed as if every set I did the opponent didn’t have a switch timer. It was as if they were free to switch pokemon in and out at will. On two of those, I switched out to take advantage of a matchup, my opponent switches and after a couple of turns switches back to the previous pokemon. I’m almost sure on the last one the opponent switched from his third pokemon to his second, got a charged move off, and then switched back to his third pokemon to throw another charge move.

On a kind of humorous note, my sister got swept by a charmeleon somehow. Her team was skarmory, ivysaur, and azumarill. She let her skarmory go down thinking she had the win with azu. She had to use two shields and lost and her ivysaur didn’t have chance. And I thought I had it odd when my azu with two shields went down to bastiodon

I’m not one to throw around exploit but there was some very sus behavior tonight. It’s not hard to count Shiftry fast moves, you can’t get off 2 Leaf Blades with 4 Bullet Seeds. There were other times I highly doubted they had enough energy for the charge moves they threw but I could have also lost count. With Shiftry there was no doubt.

This Altaria that I faced somehow managed to get off a Sky Attack after only 2 Dragon Breaths. He might have been able to stack up maybe 1-2 Dragon Breaths’ worth of energy before his previous Sky Attack but I’m certain lag/an exploit was involved. He still lost btw.

I play shiftry with bullet seed and I always wonder if the opponent might think I was cheating - you can and do save up a lot from bullet seed for later leaf blades. But if it was at the beginning, of course not possible. Just I see that sometimes the animation AFTER an opponents charged attack (shielded or not) is not shown…
Similar btw with Gunfisk when saving up a bit for several rock slides.


I just saw quite suspicious looooong lags while I fired off the last, finishing, charged attack. I just wondered if this was a desperate try to get a third shield or whatever or if the opponent just “rage” quit the whole game. Guess it was the latter. Yours sound suspicious though. Or a matter of weird circumstances. Two times I had a weird thing going on vs Team rocket though: Fired off a charged attack the moment my mon was fainting and it did not do any damage. Never occured to me last season, but luckily it seems to be rocket only.

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I recommend playing with sounds, so you hear them getting an extra fast move in or not. Also take in an extra mud shot during the switch phase

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There’s 2 types of lag that occassionally occur:

the desync after a charged move; your or the opponents pokemon doesnt start attacking immediately

the fast move lag, where the game actually does registrate the fast moves, but visually you stand still. Which can be really decisive when you are on low HP trying to get that last charged move off

Lately, there’s been the 3rd. I haven’t had it myself yesterday, but I did have it occassionally the first two days. You just stand still, can’t do anything, and get ‘weak connection’ repeatedly - even though your connection is working just fine. It happened to me, but also to some of my opponents, and I’ve also seen it happen on streams.

To break it down, I don’t think it’s an exploit, I think it’s just garbage servers

There are certain Mons that generate like 5 sec lag at the beginning of the match when you fought an opponent with that respective Mon on their team.

This only happen in certain phones so I suppose that Niantic solution would be “buy a better phone”, because a lot of people have complain and there isn’t seem to be any fix up to now.

I always lose, because of lag, everytime that Mon appear, but because I only play for rank 7 elite tm, I don’t care that much

My wife’s phone has this periodically where at the very start of the match there’s a bunch of lag and the countdown timer gets desynced from the rest of the animations. She doesn’t even see what the opponent’s Pokémon is until several moves later (sometimes even as much as a charge move!). Its not every time and it doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular 'mon as it happens in every league. Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it works like usual.

Just had the most awful lag again. Don’t think it was the other guy’s ‘fault’ but had a matchup with Probopass v Azumarill, I’ve got one shield left on Mr Easter-Island-Head. I almost had the last Thunderbolt needed to down him when lag hits right as Azumarill’s charge move goes off. I hit the shield button, the shield animation plays, but doesn’t use the shield and I go down. P*SSED me off to no avail! With how bad the MMR is and now the plain awful lag I’ve been experiencing (doesn’t matter time of day), I’m thinking about giving up GBL altogether…

@captpepperjack I know exactly what you mean. We’ve all had to battle the lag monster. I hope you don’t quit gbl because for what it’s worth, I like your posts as well as some others I see often on here. I find the posts helpful or informative most of the time.

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