Are we getting any good CEs soon?

Sorry I know I’m being lazy not looking this up myself but I got either a cold or the flu and just don’t have the energy.

Anyway, are we getting any good CEs soon? Preferably welfare and Arts? Though other good ones are okay too.

I almost have enough CE bombs to make a lvl 100 CE and if we aren’t getting anything im considering bombing the Parvati CE (yes I know it sucks due to mixed stats) as a vanity project and putting it on…Parvati.


The free Summer 6 CE is pure attack, 50%, and mixed Arts/NP Strength.


Sounds perfect! I will save for it!

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Thank you very very much!!!

Sttiching for your beloved one - basically Buster crit version of Tenkihime (or Demonic Sun Princess if you prefer it this way)
Releases mid to late January with Little Big Tengu event. It’s a welfare CE and you’re granted MLB w/o drops (1x mission 4x in shop)

Not that despite this CE having buster crit dmg to it, for farming purposes 50% charge&15% NP dmg is card agnostic and so, can work just fine for farming (and so, as a replacement until Ocean Flyer release).

But yeah, if you have HNS and Tenkihime, this CE’s value drops a bit. If not, then it’s a really good CE to level up to 100