Are you also excited to see the "new" Scathach Assassin?

I mean, of course, thanks to Skadi.

A solid buff to Scatach quick cards. This helps not only her normal (weak) damage, but it buffs greatly her already strong welfare AoE NP5 damage.

Then, you have a lot of Crit damage buff that can add to Scatach’s first skill (Taunt + crit buff ) for a possible total of +200% critical damage.

Just imagine if you manage to do a QQQEX with a 200% crit damage buff with Scatach.

I’m quite excited because until now, Scatach Assassin had some big flaws that limited her use.

But after Skadi?

I think that she could become useful even outside of farming scenarios. Skadi probably will make sure of that.

The downside: i still believe that Scatach assassin, for challenge quests, will still need a lot of babysitting by not only Skadi but also other servants

Yeah. Ran various numbers and saw the proof in the pudding with even 1x Skadi many months back (just like, say, Fran for casual junk). Now she can be an even more effective W3-clearer. Convenient.

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I already use Scatach Assassin as W3 cleaner, by giving her a Black Grail, running a double Waver team, and adding to the mix a Arash and another AoE both with MLB kaleydoscope. (This is my base 3T team).

With Skadi hopefully she will W3 even better

Anyway, my point before is that hopefully now Scatach assassin will go from W3 cleaner to also support DPS in Challenge quests. Hopefully

My main quick aoe assassin spot is already taken by Ushi if i manage to get her but it’ll be nice to see so many servants benefit from Skadi.

Another interesting one is Suzuka Gozen.
She loves crit and crits hard.
Her NP also makes her crit hard.

With Skadi buffs, Suzuka crits are going to hit like a 5*.

There is also the option of using Osakabehime in the beginning to buff crit and star generation of a servant.
After that, plugsuit her out and bring in Skadi

Skadi’s crit buff only affects the quick cards not all card types.

Is it still bad on Suzuka?

Not necessarily due to her S1 providing a crit star drop rate increase of 30%-50% essentially making it so you get far more crit stars for your damage turn, but this does come with the detriment of losing her buster up. So use with caution.

Suzuka has 1 quick card, why would you ever run her with Skadi anyway?
If you’re after big numbers then a NPBB with Merlin is a much better choice.


Well, it is more like that i am hopeful for possible ways to further umprove Suzuka efficacy.

I really like her, plus i got her at a high NP level as a byproduct of rolliing for Melt in CCC banner.

Matbe Suzuka with both Skadi and Merlin…

Lowkey disappointed because the title made me think they’re somehow releasing a new assassin variant of Shishou.

What a coincidence. I have just been farming some more Aurora Steel for Skadi’s release and I’ve run into the problem of “Gee Billy. It seems my roster can’t clear this wave of 3 Rider Valkyries, one with 180k HP the rest less than 55k, in a single NP. If only someone could give Scathach Assassin a BIG Quick buff…”

I did get a 3-turn clear though because the Insta Death decided to proc

Not just Shishou but also Astolfo, Ishtar Rider and Marie Antoinette and even the up until now discarded and forgotten Lancelot will reap the benefits of our favorite fairy godmother.

Edit: I’ve also taken the liberty to edit the misspelled name in the title since I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi and stuff. I would add the funny accentuation but I believe my keyboard is not prepared for Celtic.

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I’ve been using Wu when I need to buff my quick servants: 20% DEF down, ATK up, and Quick up, all 3T. Sure, not as good as Skadi, but against Riders in the case of Scathach, probably a bit more sturdy if they actually get to attack.

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Same here! Even letting ozy eat a chunk and provide a def down, plus lvl5 artic, scathach can leave as much as 40k hp to face card. Now that I have the steel for the battery, maybe I’ll let skadi earn the rest of them (assuming she comes home)

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Several 3* will become more useful as well, especially Medusa since she gets her NP upgrade on top of Skadi support.

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Will Summer Sca deal more damage with Skadi? Sure.
Does Skadi fix the rest of her mismatched kit? Nope.

It also doesn’t help that, due to class affinities, unless you are doing 3T farming, you generally shouldn’t take a Caster to the kind of Rider nodes where you would rely on Summer Sca.