Are you done?

I can’t do much more for you, other than arguably pulling a +Atk copy at random from the Special Rate.

Show me yours.


Presenting my lowest Orb to merge ratio 5 Star

Seriously, three free summoned merges, and a fourth as a 4 Star special… 5th merge is from Resplendant. And she would be +6 if I didn’t fodder a fourth free summoned copy for DD years ago. Build needs an update; I’m currently HM grinding Lyons to give her Null C Disrupt and Atk/Res Solo 3


Budget build for sniping one-shots is enough until you’re ready to invest more heavily in her. She’s great for Arena with BDI4 given her dual effectiveness, refine, and her statline has aged quite well, more so with Resplendent. She also already comes with a prf Assist that can allow you to heal, which is rare in top tier Arena.


Congrats on her, she looks awesome.

Mine’s +Atk +5 just with her base kit and Vantage. I should give her Death Blow, really.
3 were from free summons, 1 off focus on Summer Laegjarn’s banner and 1 resplendent copy. My policy is if a unit can get themselves to +7, I’ll then consider summoning to finish them off if I like them or they’re good. Needless to say, if she can get to +7, I will definitely try to finish her.


Thank you, she’s one of my favorite characters. I started merging her when she came out in early 2018 and finished her very shortly before her Resplendent. Hopefully you’ll get those 2 random merges sooner than later.


Miccy’s my girl. CC and NFU has been really useful for AR-O. She helps counter so many armor and cav threats, is fantastic against a lot of mage threats, and just generally wonderful.


Yes, I believe you were already prepared for the CYL3 refines. I’m missing 3 merges on Micaiah and Eliwood but they’ll come with time. Well, Micaiah is practically +8 since I have a +Spd copy saved just in case.

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