Are you ENKIDU-ING me!?

I just landed both King Hassan AND Enkidu in under 70 tickets and I know it’s obnoxious to brag about luck in a gacha, but Seriously!? Did they raise the odds of getting an SSR while I wasn’t watching? Should I keep rolling? Or did I just burn my entire stash of luck for the next decade?

Again, sorry, but the list of people I can splurge about this to is pretty short, so…


And time for the obligatory:



Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong being happy. You should stop rolling for now. Your luck won’t last.


Happy day and punny title! Congrats on obtaining the chains of heaven and death.

Congrazzles, I love Enkidu. They are so awesome :D
Enkidu has obliterated so many archers for me ^_^
(Edit: Also King Hassan is just so cool. A random bonus is that he makes instant death fights a cakewalk.)


Yep, they’re lovely.

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Congrats. Luck is very very fickle. Couldn’t believe my luck too when I NP3’d Merlin in 80 tickets from his last banner while rolling for Saber Alter. Wish that Gil and Shishou will bless me in thanksgiving. :+1:

Nothing wrong with being happy :fgo_umu:. I’d stop after getting an SSR, if I were you. Let luck come at some point again :fgo_umu:

In response to that, I shall give him (her) this explosion


Enkidu is best.
In general it’s better to keep quartz for upcoming banners.

Luck come and go, but some servant just want to be in our chaldea (like musashi and Gil caster for me.) Even when we do not want them (musashi)

That’s pretty normal for me after all I managed to get Jack, einkidu and waver only by using 300 SQ and 20 tickets

Congratulations. I’ve got both Enkidu NP2 and King Hassan NP2. Enkidu is not the strongest lancer around (my Tamashark np1 is stronger), but he is nonetheless a very good servant

OK, I got within 14 tickets and 40 sq (only with singles) caster gil, frankenstein zerk, gramps and quetzalcoatl…as well as kscope and devilish bodhisattva. I think I reached the “god” luck lol.

Also gg JoeShogun! I wanted Enkidu, but I’m glad I got Quetz.