Are you gonna make a Player or Enemy phase build for Brunnya?

Her speed is at a pretty awkward place. I think her kit seems to encourage player phase builds though. It’d be hard for Swift Sparrow to work for her without her boost from her weaopn. Her RES is pretty salvageable for tanking though. What are your plans for when she comes out?


I dunno. At this point I’ll wait for more Blue Infantry Grail units to eventually make a Brigade full of them. Until then, prolly a budget EP build.

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My plan is to use her for Res Smoke fodder whenever I need it. :fgo_insane:


Exactly what she is to me, Reinhardt is gonna be so happy. :pray:t2:
After that, just time to wait for this bad boy. Lull%20Atk%20Res :point_right:t2: :point_right:t2:


Fodder phase :feh_arvisboneappetite:

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It’s a tough choice. I may utilize the Skill Set feature and design a player phase build and a dual phase one.

I think her stats make it dangerous to attack strong physical users with DC (which feels like everyone these days). Fast mages have some protection in the form of Desperation. Due to her status, I do not see myself giving her Swift Sparrow, Sturdy Impact or another PP premium skill.

I will give her Darting Blow and see how she performs during the Tempest Trials, otherwise she will remain largely unused (or be foddered to my more invested units).

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None… I wanna see who is the free unit for farfeched

She be fodder to all my mages

Both, I guess? She can bait with her good res and she gets a high atk/decent spd thanks to her weapon. I’ll probably give her a very cheap build, at least for now, because I have too many projects and I don’t really need more blue mages

Player phase AND high investment :feh_obotank: (well that’s for other builds, save for the A-skill it’s quite budget but strong):

I’m also considering [Spd Smoke 3] :feh_inherit:.

Notice: since [Fimbulvetr] isn’t on the builder yet I’ve chose a weapon+refine that simulates its stat increases


The red should be green though
Speedhardt is where it’s at

Also I kinda want to make here a ranged tank with DD4… Once I have here I’ll think over it more

She’s gonna wind up benched or as an AA unit after the TT; I have L-Julia and she is just straight up better than Brunnya (I’m also hoping to get more merges for her this month).

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Same here, though I also just wanna get my L!Tiki more merges.

but I’ll gladly take more Julias!

  • Player Phase
  • Enemy Phase
  • Mixed Phase

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I’m probably gonna enemy phase it. I have a Flora manual and I might use it on her. A/R Solo and QR 3. Mixed Phase potential is there, tho.

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Well, we’d have to know Brunnya’s kit first, but problem is the datamine text hasn’t started trickling into the update’s Contents section–and we’re nearly a day into the datamine “rush”! And without the datamine text trickling into the Contents section, there’s no indication that anyone’s working on analyzing the character kits–the datamine text trickling has long been the signal that work on character kit analysis has begun.

Whose @impulse was it to withhold the datamine text trickle, and thus in turn withhold character kit analysis? Given how tight the updates have been actually hitting these days, I wasn’t anticipating actually finishing the datamine rush come the point the core content going live, I was at least hoping the text would have been flowing for awhile at that point, but no text in the Contents section nearly a day into the “rush” is ridiculous!

I remember datamine rushes being routinely completely finished within hours of an update hitting and before the core contents go live back when the updates hit a bit earlier; nowadays we’re lucky to get datamine text even flowing before the core contents of an update go live, and no guarantee that an update will even be completely analysed–I’m STILL waiting for the accessory descriptions from the last update (and that’s not the only thing that got omitted from that update’s analysis–the fandom needed Lost Lore information and the Røkkr Sieges bosses back when the update hit, not be forced to wait for the events to go live)!

This is what Brunnya has:

Gamepress isn’t the only place that datamines the game when data is updated and added, btw. The FEH subreddit exists.

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i want to build her as player phase mostly because of her tome’s effect, at first it will be a budget one with fury + desperation, but i will change fury to atk/spd push 4 if i pull another brave camilla and then giving either a sabotage or continue with desperation. She is one of the few units i want to +10

Oh, L-Tiki is on my list, too, and I wouldn’t mind merges for Fjorm, either. That’s why I’ve been looking forward to this Mythic banner.

Making her mixed phase instead of either PP or EP. I tend to dislike units that rely on it being the right turn or phase to do anything properly.

Whenever I get the fodder for it, I was also talking with Bow about this, I was thinking Fury 4 to boost her visible stats while giving her recoil to ensure her ability is active. Mystic Boost to reduce damage from dragons and nullify the majority of that recoil from Fury(She obviously only needs the one point of damage). And Joint Hone Spd to give her +9 Spd(43 is pretty good unbuffed) whenever her ability activates and she starts next to an ally. Brazen Atk/Res and Moonbow because why not? Pretty easy to swap those out if I find another skill that’s useful.

Might give her Flashing Blade and Aether instead and pair her up with some sort of red unit to make another good duo team.

Got the feathers and Grails to do it. Just need the fodder… which will probably take a while unless I get lucky. Especially since I haven’t been summoning too much. But anyways, she’ll be my second blue 5* +10 as well as my second blue mage at +10.

Not going to be able to give her DF though. I can hardly max out Soleil as is. I can’t afford to max out another Infantry unit.

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