Arena: A Merrica edition




Meanwhile my dumb ass didn’t realize my L-Marth hadn’t learned Fire Emblem until I had done three matches. Oops.

Not that it mattered in the end because the run went super smoothly and I’m in T19. L-Marth and L-Tiki make a good team.


If I may be excused for diverting, I thought they reduced bonus unit kills to 1 per battle? Do you just get +12 for the battle now if the bonus unit gets any KOs at all?

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Yes, you get the 12 points after the first kill and then no more, I believe.

Bonus unit kill: +12, confusing everybody who didn’t play back when the bonus unit needed 4 kills to achieve that score

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Here I am trying to find Kemf in the post.

I got you bro

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