Arena core help... Again colorless infantery edition

So I got a Loki and since I already have one Im thinking on using the dual for someone.
My thoughts were saizo, virion, sothe or some healer (mercedes or… Dont really know tbh) any advice?

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For the core I have a buffer (astram) and a caeda so i guess a debuffer o ployer would help but idk

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In terms of pure support healers are the best, but they score less due to their lack of prefs and 500 SP specials.

Saizo and Virion are great candidates.
Klein is also pretty nice with his built in Chill Def (totally unbiased :eyes:)


Mmm triple chill would be good but wont kill most unists if quads? Its an option but

Sweep skills are an option to prevent Quads.
But that takes up the B-slot…

In terms of pure support I’d definitely recommend Saizo and Virion over Klein.

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He’s not there to attack though, and most high tier armor units will be able to live a quad (especially if her name is Idunn because she laughs at Chills)

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It depends what your arena goals are. Are you looking to stay in tier 21 every week? Are you looking to just reach tier 21 and happy sliding between tier 20 and 21?

Knowing that, will help this decision tremendously. If you are looking for tier 21 mainstay, then you need someone that scores 100% optimally, and that means someone with a pref weapon. So Saizo or Virion would be ideal here. If you are more lax about staying in tier 21 and don’t care to drop down every other week, then a healer would be a terrific choice. And it would really be whichever is your favorite and/or one that you have like 11 copies of. While Mercedes would be great, if you don’t have the copies, then this could be a delayed investment while you try to gather the other copies. They’d all score the same, and unfortunately it can be hard to get the special, since Loki can only give you C Duel + 1 skill. I chose Restore+ as mine (foddered a 4* Nanna for Restore) as that is a nice addition to any healer kit. I was hoping for Picnic Genny on the last legendary banner for the special, but she did not come home. Right now I have to use Miracle.