Arena is a Joke > Altina week

Altina is literally a God Slayer lol… I will enjoy her with that two week she is a bonus unit.

Btw The biggest weak point is Hardy bearing users and Special fighter, especially last one it literally ruins Altina day in any way unless you abuse the terrain + stat bonus in arena…

Special mention (L!Tiki, F!Tiki) both can reach over 60 def + special fighter + Aether spam :joy: it was pain fighting them without cheap damage from Surtrs which I don’t have.

EDIT I finally found a way to cut off L!Julia easy, Send Altina and watch them die hahaha I found a match where I was against 3x L!Julia +10 and Azura. Altina √ ended the match in 2 turn if it wasn’t for Azura that dances it would be ended in one turn :joy::joy:


Ah, yes. Seeing a max merged Mythic with Bonus Unit stats obliterate everything in Arena does sound fun.

Meanwhile, I’d be happy with just seeing Donnel as a bonus unit. :pensive:


yeah but honestly it was more funny using L!Julia when she was bonus, She actually obliterate everything because in top high tier there are only tikis lol legendary and fallen.