Arena makes me want to commit Lego Step

I don’t hate everything…



I was just about to @ her

Girl,I need context,gimme context

why Fallen Delthea should be slapped

I’m starting to regret my name choice


I could count on my fingers what you like (based on what you said in the past, but I’m not going to actually do it)

What you hate…I don’t have that many fingers. :feh_lucyshrug:

  • Fury Weapon
  • Every time she visits you, she wants you to be sacrificed to Tatarrah
  • Evil

Oh my god you talked


I’m on spring break so I’m more free rn


It’s been a while
How are ya?


I mean she’s crazy and stuff cause she’s possessed, and the only time she talks about killing the summoner is when she says if Tatarrah said she has to kill you, she would do it but it “would give her pause”. And she even has a voice clip of her talking to Luthier saying she’s scared and wants to go home. So I don’t know why she should be slapped, I mean she’s only 13

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Currently, sad I’m already homeschooled



(Crap. I was gonna zap her, but I don’t have her. I have the regular version, but I’m not mad at the regular, not evil version.)

I’d complain, because crazy bitch is there, but Reyson and Chrom RIGHTFULLY killed her.

New score is 3,698. @Cam_the_Man, thank you for suggesting that I give Reyson G Duel Flying, because it helped :3


Now you can use a dancer without the worry of a bad score from dancer BST.

Yep :3
And with your help, I’ll be in Tier 20 and I’ll finally have a shot at that Crown!

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If you want to change your username there’s a username changing thread now :feh_legion:

Only if you want to, it’s iconic


I’ve been acting like this lately, because:

  1. There’s nothing to do, while stuck inside my apartment
  2. I’m SCARED of the Coronavirus and everyone that’s around me (including my own mom and roommates), and whenever I get anxious, I tend to lash out and express my extreme emotions and feelings towards certain things
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I came here because I stopped using discord to promote my habit… but this seemed just as bad for a while. You might need discord to fill that conversation hole in your soul.

I’ve tried Discord and i don’t like it that much…