Arena run

This was the result of my arena run this week

Feel like I did pretty good, how did you guys do?

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Good. But you would do a lot better with a bonus unit.

I auto the lowest difficulty setting just to get the rewards from the five battles, rank doesn’t mean much, even if I should care a little more

Actually, I don’t know who the bonus units are at the moment


It’s pretty easy to stay in Tier 17-18 with minimal effort and a bonus unit (I think 18 gives 1 more orb). But that’s fair - not everyone cares about arena.

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I’m… Not doing so well. I oughta try harder! I’d love to get into tier 20 for once. Kinda tempted to merge my AM! Corrin, but that fodder is too good to pass up on.

Actually me
I nearly forgot that I had to do that, so auto battle the lowest shit

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Oh, you know, I could’ve used L! Hector

Haar was the unit that died the most, so he’s the most easily replaceable

tried to stay in tier 20 but its no use without earth season :^))


Ok, actually, why is your in game name Xero?

Are you questioning my methods?

No, just your name

I chose Xero because I like it, but now that everyone knows my name I’ll have to either change it or kill you all.

Leaning more toward the latter.




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Redoing my Arena run tomorrow.

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Hey! I’m actually higher than you! What a surprise. Especially seeing how you actually have merged units.

Draug is +10, F!Tiki +2, and H!Myrrh +1. Also 1 of my units died during the initial run if I’m remembering right.

Only collected rewards in arena for now. I’ll try to stay in tier 21 even though everyone’s running around with +10 Hectors.

Don’t have high enough scoring units to stay in T21 yet, so I just auto-battle with some random team for the weekly rewards.