Arena Score help

Hello everyone.

Ever since I came back to FEH, I’ve been confused on how Arena Scoring works. While I get the whole idea behind BST and using high SP skills, I dont understand the whole “if unit isnt at 170 bst, treats as if” on units like Duo Ephiram and Legendary Chrom

Heres my current arena core.
Edelgard is +10 with duo rally, HB4, Galeforce, the usual.
Fike is +10 but has base kit
Chrom is +1 (who I am mainly asking this for) with DB4 and times pulse.
Echidna is @Thehalohedgehog 's build since I love a good guard unit :feh_legion: +10 with duo rally, distant counter, and 400 Sp C slot.

I just need to know if the Duel skill on chrom is always working. I plan to get more merges on him next month when he shows so that’s a plus. I am currently hitting 3780 in arena. On track to get to 21. I just want 1 crown at least haha.

Also, do you always need to use a bonus unit or can you just get a beefy team and always score high?


The calc is your best friend


A bonus unit doubles your score, so yes, it’s necessary. Your units are good, but using the correct blessings would make it even better


That’s definitely enough to get into T21 :feh_flaynfish:

For staying you’ll need appropriate blessings though :fehbirb:

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My understanding of the “Duel” effect on Legendary and Duo heroes is that it only affects scoring with regards to how BST contributes (substitute value for actual BST). You’d still need more merges to increase such a hero’s overall Arena score.

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It works just like any other duel skill yes. Merges are and have always been more important than BST in arena. For example, here’s a merged HS!Micaiah (lowest BST) vs an unmerged W!Sothis (highest BST)

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Last time you need over 3850 Points to stay in T21 xD

I got 3858 xD