Arena scoring?

I have no idea what to do to improve my arena score.
I just keep bouncing between tier 18 and 19 and I just can’t seem to go to even tier 20. What can I do to improve my score, other than bringing high-rated units and defeating a foe with a bonus unit once per match? I’ve heard that bringing legendary Heroes and building teams around them can improve your score thanks to the stats they give out, but is that really true?
Maybe someone on Gamepress made an Arena guide that I’m not aware of… if yes, then I’ll be glad if someone could share it here.

Showing an example of your team might be helpful but I would say what you need to score high is:

  • Bonus unit, preferably if it’s a legendary
  • Full +10 high bst team with the matching blessing.
  • Everyone on your team should have high scoring skills (rally +, 500sp special, 300sp for the rest of the slots)
  • Kill once every match with your bonus unit.
  • Check the calculator with your team for the highest score per match and roll every match until you get the highest.
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That’s possible…

…most of the time.

Not happening anytime soon

Also not happening. Not only I’d need to only bring characters like Byleth, Shannan and others, I’d need to fodder off expensive skills.


That’s the part I don’t understand. Why should I re-roll the matches if I’m just wasting dueling swords?

You are probably reaching maybe tier 20 max if you put a lot of effort. What I described is what you need for tier 21 and having any less means dropping, arena is for whales or really dedicated people that made their accounts with the purpose of reaching tier 21 and used their orbs accordingly. Rerolling is necessary because the match scoring varies. If you have a max score of 730 for example, you could get matches with scores like 720 and you don’t want them you want the max score or else you won’t have enough to get to the next tier. Before you enter the match you simply surrender if you don’t like the score and your streak will still be up.

I stay at tier 19/20 because I don’t want to put resources on arena.

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Merges are consistent for getting into T20/T21

This is my current core which has gotten me into T21 several time and 2 of these units most probably consider “bad core” units.

Yes, they are all +10 which is the biggest factor.

Ashnard, one day you will be able to join the core but not yet sadly…

@CrystalElemental what you think of my core for now? :feh_birbpeek:


Aether and Galeforce are 500 SP like prf Specials, Ruptured Sky and Blue Flame, so the Specials are relatively simple to fulfill. Regular double Rallies and 240 SP skills should be more than enough for at least Tier 20 (probably 20.5) if your core is +10 and the bonus unit gets the necessary kills.

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Scoring highly in Arena is a marathon, not a sprint. Having fully merged units is the most important part of it since merges matter more than anything for scoring.

For staying in T21, you will also want to pick three legendary heroes of different elements and try to merge them as high as possible and have two +10 units to receive their blessings. The blessings increase your score quite a bit during the proper season.

For instance, I have a +10 L-Tiki (it took over a year and tons of FTP Orbs), so during Earth season, my Libra and Rutger score much higher.

But even if you don’t do that (it’s a very significant Orb investment) you at the very least will want to pick three units, ideally with 170+ BST (or at least have the proper Duel skill if their BST is below that number) and fully merge them into an Arena core. That’s kept me bouncing between T19 and T20 for a long time. I have even reached T21 a couple times despite refusing to use dual Rallies thanks to my Tiki’s Earth Blessing and having a highly merged bonus unit.


Okay, from what you’re describing, you’re probably stuck for a while. Until your main Arena core of three units is merged up, you’re likely hover around Tier 18-19 like you are now. It’s just not possible to score better than that without merged units. Ideally, you want units with 170BST after a merge, at minimum. If you have grails and are willing to use them for Arena projects, Young Minerva, Astram, Ashnard, and Flame Emperor are solid picks. The first three come with preferred weapons, which helps with scoring (you only need one 300SP A or C skill), while Flame Emperor scores best overall (180BST, but needs 300 cost A and C skill). It’s up to preference, but I like having units with a preferred weapon when I can, to relax the need for high-cost fodder. If you don’t have grails, general pool options are Ross, Echidna, Altena, or any armor unit in the pool. Keep in mind that, for Ross, Echidna, or any armor without a refine, they’ll need 300SP skills for both A and C-slot, which makes them more expensive to build.

With a team of almost any three units that are +10 merged, you can reach Tier 20 reasonably. My wife’s core is really under-budgeted, but manages Tier 20 consistently from merges alone. If you want consistency maintaining Tier 20 or moving to Tier 21, then skills become necessary. 500SP specials are most easily found on Chrom and Cordelia, as Aether or Galeforce, though Blue Flame and Ruptured Sky are also options. If you don’t have those, any AoE attack is the next best thing. Dual Rally+ and Harsh Command+ are the hardest part to find for a high-scoring team, but you can make do with budget Dual Rallies from Oscar and Roderick and still make Tier 21 if everything else is scoring at max.

The only time you really need to worry about blessings and legendary heroes are when you’re aiming to maintain Tier 21, which has frankly become a nightmare you probably want no part of. To maintain Tier 21, you really need a +10 legendary unit, for it to be a season that’s matching their blessing, and your core of 3 all blessed with the same element. Each blessing increases the score of your matches by 2, so three blessings is equivalent to about +6 merge on a unit. They’re big boosts, and a (potentially) simpler way to start scoring higher if you don’t have fully merged units. You’re honestly better off aiming for Tier 20.5, which is “increase to T21 one week, demote to T20 next week, repeat.” The rewards for reaching T21 aren’t that much better, considering the massive amount of resources needed to maintain.


10/10, Micaiah is fantastic.

Also I really like the look of that Echidna. She pity-broke me once as a +Speed, and I’ve been considering building her since. Might take this build under consideration…

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I still run Sheena and Nowi in my arena core. They score well enough to keep me at tier 20 with the right skills. I wouldn’t invest in Sheena now given Ross and Echidna availability, but Nowi is still good, targeting Res on all those low Res swordies.

Just to echo what has been said, merges and skill cost are the two big ones. If you want high tier arena, that’s the entry fee.

(I also have Joshua in my arena core, but I know he isn’t common so I didn’t mention him)

Btw you can reach T21 with F2P units (i know i did), but you cannot stay in T21 without a lot tof investment.

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It’s surprisingly easy to get, pulls depending.

  • Chrom and Cordelia come with Aether and Galeforce respectively. Both of these are high scoring and easier to get at the cost of feathers
  • Oscar and Tailtiu have Dual Rallies, which are the second highest scoring inheritable assists we have available
  • Tailtiu, Echidna, Nanna, and Soleil are easy picks for Drives if you have no clue what to run for C Slot.

Dual-spurs also score the same, right? If so, Male Morgan and Libra are there for C slots.

1 Bonus unit, blessed units for the current season, and high stat total units (preferably blessed for extra scoring)

Higher merges, and more costly skills also raise your score

So a astram with ather (+10) will score much more than a astram with glimmer (+5)

Without plus 10 units, and a bonus unit you will not be able to reach teir 20. Normally you can get to teir 20 with 730ish (but remember this can be higher or lower at points in time)

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Drives are much easier to fulfill conditions for since the advent of Sudden Panic and Sabotage stacks, but yes, dual spurs work too.