Arena sniping

So can I just say I’m really hating sniping this season… im down 200 crest’s trying to get 760’s… I’ve even settled to go with 2 758’s but I just need the last 760… and the only reason I’m aiming for at least 3 760’s is mainly because of the fact that I was still on the edge last season even with 3 but I was still able to stay in so hopefully its the same this season… If it was Fire season I wouldn’t be having this problem since I’d be seeing 762-764 as much as I see 758 right now


I don’t even know how peoples can have 50+ crown because even with optimal teams, you need so much sniping… Too much randomness
in the teams you face is killing arena for me.
But yeah fire season is way better for me too… (Thanks to L! Hector !)

Fire is best for me thanks to getting L.Celica to +10 while getting L.Edelgard to +10… Wind season will be slightly easier to deal with in Nov since I’m going to be trying to +10 L.Corrin… the only thing I’d need to try to do is +10 another wind Legendary… know I really only need 1 to be +10 but might as well do 2 especially since L.Lucina is already +6, after them its just a matter of changing one of my already +10 units blessings to work with Wind… most likely will change Echidna since she can score pretty well atm (actually I just checked and she’s already wind so that works out for me) so thats the 3 main core Wind team once Lucina and Corrin are +10 so at least I’ll have 2 seasons good to go

Edit: God I hate my fat finger

Welp… that was a huge ■■■■■■■ waste of like 250 crests… thought L.Edelgard would have been able to tank a L.Leif… but apparently not, tho it doesn’t help I wasn’t able to have Marf Atk/Def Rally+ her otherwise she would have done it god damn it… I finally get my last 760 only to have someone die in the end