Arena teams :)

Hello guys!

Revamping my arena team and I’m debating on making 1-2 actual cores with a rotating seasonal bonus (wouldn’t I have to constantly bless them with the appropriate blessing each week-pricey) or 4 teams of each blessing. Interested what your input is

Here’s most of my barracks for suggestions. Thank you!


Who do you have at +10 or are interested in getting there? It’s essentially required that your core(s) be at +10 by how scoring works. Also which Duel skill fodder do you have? That narrows the choices too


Strictly speaking, you only need 3 cores to cover all seasons, since they run in pairs.


Current plus 10’s

R duel infantry and cav 4
R flying 3
B infantry 4 and flying 4
G infantry 4 and flying 4
C duel infantry 3


Ah yes, 3 core teams. You are correct.


Just off that list, I could see Shanan, Seteth, and F! Lyon being a pretty strong core.

It might also be worth building some merge projects to give your duel skills to.


Shannan is apart of my arena core :muscle:


If you intend to make multiple cores, you’re gonna want multiple high merged legendaries. Otherwise, making multiple Arena teams is pointless, because the only real reason to change is to benefit from that season’s blessing scoring

So let’s take a look at your legendaries

For Water: I see merged Dimitri and Chrom. That’s good, they’re both great. Dimitri offers greater scoring but Chrom has a high scoring movement assist, which is incredibly rare and valuable in Arena, so it comes down to preference

For Wind: I see merged Lucina and unmerged Gunnthrá, Eliwood, and Corrin. Corrin offers the best mix of usefulness and scoring but being unmerged does her no favors and you won’t be getting more merges anytime soon. Eliwood is… pretty bad for Arena, frankly; I’d skip him. Gunnthrá is an interesting choice with her new Chilling Seal II, but she too, needs merges (she also wants a G Duel Cavalry for scoring, and that doesn’t exist yet). And Lucina got yeeted to next year so she won’t be getting merged anytime soon

For Earth: You have a merged Claude. Use him and merge him more if possible. He is head and shoulders above the other Earth legendaries

Fire: I see you have Marth, Roy, Hector, Celica, and Edelgard. Unfortunately Marth and Roy suck in Arena, and Hector is not much better, so I’d focus on either Edelgard or Celica

Merging these units is extremely expensive, but if you want optimal scoring and are building multiple teams, you gotta invest in them

If you’re not gonna do this, just pick three units that cover each other well and roll with them whatever season it is. Blessings are useless (aside from the increased SP) without a Legendary unit’s help, so making multiple rotating teams just for Arena without legendaries is a waste of resources.


I have dimitri at plus 9, Chrom is plus 4 I believe.
And l corrin could be plus 4 but I kept her merges aside as potential dc fodder but might merge her now.

So the way I Understand it, choose a legendary and then 2 other units that are blessed with that seasons blessing in addition to the seasonal bonus? So really choosing 2 strong merged cores typically?

I was looking at shannan, seteth, legendary and then whatever seasonal rotation unit?


Isn’t Eliwood pretty good as a cheerleader? If you use him and say, F!Edel, she should just kill everything (even more than usual).

His base kit + ruse seems pretty solid since he never needs to see combat.

Is he practicing social distancing?


He is a good supporter but Lulls have severely gimped his effectiveness and he needs a dragon/beast ally to use his Prf C (like the Fatal you mentioned). Even then plenty of other units can run Ruse support. He’s not awful but he is very underwhelming compared to other legendaries (especially fellow Wind Sword cav Sigurd. shudders)

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Ideally you want three different elemental legendaries so you’ll always have one ready (since two seasons always run concurrently)

The one issue with running the same other two units and reblessing them each season is that blessings are finite. You may have a lot of them now, but enough weeks of changing blessing will eventually make them run out unless you keep pulling more legendaries because you’ll be spending them faster than you can aquire them. This is why it’s generally better to have three different cores, one for each of the three seasons you have covered.


Thank you for your input! (Everyone’s) I used the guides on here and while it helped me understand the mechanics and how points are allocated, I just was curious about what units and preset blessed teams.
Appreciate it!


Oh yeah he’s solo’d up at all times lol


Depending on the legendary, you need 3-5 merges to match the same score as if you just ran a basic arena core (no legendaries, each of the three scoring 752 on the arena score calc). 6 merges and above on the legendary and you’re really benefiting score-wise.

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