Arena Units (aug 2, 2020?)

So checking out the new arena set…

Thats not a great set for me.

I guess i can use Eliwood or f!kris but theyre both unmerged and thats going to make t20.5 suck

How is it for you guys?


Well i guess i will have to use Leliwood, but i also have a petra that pitybroke me.


I’ll be using Lena the next 2 weeks,so it’ll be easy for me this time.


Petra??? Now??? That seems random…
Looks like I’ll be using Anna because I don’t have any of the others except Mathilda who’s barely built.


My +10 Lena should do nicely despite healers having terrible scoring


Petra? That’s…random. :feh_lynstare:

Guess my free summon Hel will be of use this week. image



Since I was lucky enough to get Hel, I’ll be using her. It’ll be interesting to see how she does against tougher opponents.


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No dragons on my core for Eliwood, so Petra it is

Probably Hel or Anna for me. Unless Eliwood scores more. (Anna has G Duel, which is why she is still considered so highly). Had my relax week this week (just dailies) as it’s impossible for me to stay in Tier 21.

Edit: seems to be the same. So I guess if I want red or Green

Eliwood would surpass Anna with Aether/Galeforce, but with 2k feathers, that doesn’t seem possible immediately. But may plunge into that as it’s VG time, plus arena awards on Monday.

Well, guess it’s time for my +1 L!Eliwood to shine. I also have Kris and Hel so I have some choice :feh_birbpeek:

I guess that Eliwood scores more with his Duel passive and his merge tho, so it’s probably gonna be him (on top of that, I have F!Corrin in my Arena team, so that’s cool).

+10 HP and +4 SPD tho. Probably pretty decently, but she’d be locked out of noontime due to scoring…

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Anna? Yes yes yes this is great i love using her.

Have they ever even rerun a 5 star exclusive that wasn’t a legendary before? I thought it was just low rarity and GHB units that got rerun?

I just realized that Petra is there (even tho I saw the bonuses from the datamine grab bag on the #fire-emblem-heroes subreddit).


I had to revert to his original kit for optimal scoring.
I could give him [Aether] but I don’t know if I’ll really do it, I’ll think of it tho.

And this’ll be the team, L!Alm will be replaced by L!Eliwood:

I might replace L!Azura with Kagero :feh_maethink: since she’s supporting Sonya and has [Infantry Rush 3].
I’ll have to do various runs and see


Why is Petra there of all units damn… I have none of these units… guess I’m definitely getting demoted… because of an unbuilt Anna

That’s not a fun birthday present. Guess I’ll use L!Eliwood.

@ShinxDaSphinx Mathilda is going to be loving them bonus stats!

I’ll use L!Eliwood for a run and my new Spurn Anna for a run to try her out myself.


Awwww yea
That’s gonna be good