Arena woes

So i know its partially because i had to use rhys but is the score bracket really bad this week?

I dont have a good unit for the next lot either. I have +0 alm.

Guess I’ll be using Lorenz when he’s a bonus unit. Or maybe I’ll merge a Cormag or two. I dunno.


Scoring bracket doesn’t seem exceedingly harsh this week but I dunno

Next season I might use a new F!Corrin. Or just go Sharena. Or someone if I free pull them lol

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HOLD UP… HOLD THE ■■■■ UP BOTH SHEENA AND F.CORRIN ARE BONUS UNIT’S… ez season for me it looks like

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Also… what’s your score because mine is 3,772

It was 3600-something because i was struggling to get the bonus kills.

I switched to wrathful and got up to 3712(placing 4000~) so it should be alright now

Cormag’s a bonus unit just when I’ll be able to +10 him??? WOOOO!!!

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Aflonse probably scores better than Rhys though. Assuming he has basics - 5*, duel rally (non-+), Aether/Galeforce/Blue Flame, etc, 240 A slot, 240 B Slot, 240 C slot, 240 Seal. Healers are hard to make score well due to the special.

I had rhys at 700 points by the score calculator.

Its fine it just kinda sucked with the dazzling staff to get kills.

Idk, Rhys is doing extra fine for me and this was not even using Ashnard in my arena core yet.

Next week is gonna be extra fun Duo Micaiah, Ashnard, Sigrun, and Rhys about to slay. And then I’ll be sad cause the bonus units for the following seasons are meh to me

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This is why the Askr’s just need a basic kit like this, they will score better than most units summoned / free GHB/TT units. It’s also a 1 time investment too for a solid unit. Rhys would need a merge to score better than this Alfonse (but as soon as he gets a duel rally+ / 300 SP A/C skill it would still outrank him unmerged).

You don’t count because you gave him a ton of expensive fodder. You bragged for days about killing B-Camilla and B-Veronica for him.

I can see a Rhys with cheap fodder struggling to kill much because of healer status and meh stats, even with bonus unit stats.

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I need a better scoring Defense and I have no clue whether this score will stick by the end of the session

3 +10 units & bonus unit works well for me.

Should, there’s like 8 hours left, you shouldn’t lose ~2000 ranks before then. Probably only a few hundred.

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My highest merged units are already on my Arena team, maybe I should just tap them for Defense.

Sweet, never been T20 before. I can only imagine what headaches await me trying for T21 without fully merges units

This really depends on “who” they are. I was previously trying to use Male Corrin (+10) and there was plenty of weeks without hitting a defense win. Now that I got another S! Helbindi to get another R Duel 3 over to my Masked Marth (also +10), now I’m swimming in defense wins. Masked Marth is much more a threat than a Corrin. (Probably also helps that I gave Masked Marth Close Call 3 too though ;)). In addition, switching OG Camilla over to Virion has also made a big difference as Virion provides panic support. (especially in a mode that wants you to use rallies which get panic-ed).

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I have a +6 F!F!Corrin, +6 DuoFonse, +7 B!Ike and +6 Itsuki, those are the highest merged units I have

Definitely use 3 of them, adding a bonus unit will help bump the score. All of them are great candidates.

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Fallen Corn with her Vantage set, Repel Echidna and DuoFonse should be just annoying enough.


L!Alm next week, God. I hate him. Guess I’ll probably have to use mine though…