Ares guard build help

I’m planning on making this Ares and giving the A and C skill slots, but I’m not sure if I really should fodder off Atk/Spd solo. I could fodder it off to another unit or merge F!Corrin to +2.

I want Ares to be my red Guard unit, but another red unit (4*) will do. Any build recommendations or replacements of skills will be helpful.

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Well the common build is him having bonfire DC and vantage which is actually good since I have friend with a build like the one I mentioned and he kills alot of units in Grand Conquest when his special is ready.(if this wasn’t helpful in any way sorry :feh_eirikabulli:)

It is helpful to know the common build of Ares, but I need to use him for when rokkr siege has green units. The only guard unit I have is naesala, and he’s mainly used for reds and blues. Of course I plan on making him have the common build, but I barely have the resources.

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I’d just run another red unit for green Røkkr. Solos aren’t good for RS since your units should be next to each other at all times, and Dark Mystletainn doesn’t work on Galeforce.


FYI you can use Witchy Wand, Melancholy or Special Fighter for easier and more effective application of the Guard effect, as well. The former two aren’t as effective for racking up high Røkkr scores though.