Arjuna alter or summer musashi?

I’m only 5 months in fgo and still stuck at Babylonia but I have enough quartz to summon Kama so my next target is a beserker so I just wanna ask if who’s gonna be a good beserker cuz I saw that castoria will change the NA meta next year so I need to plan ahead.
Pls help me choose who’s beserker should I pick and also I don’t have any of the big 3 (waver,skadi,and Merlin). :fgo_kamadoubt:

Arjuna Alter has stellar performance independent of any supports, while Musashi is mediocre until Caster Artoria is in your same team.
We’re also still lacking an Arjuna Alter rerun to date, so if you have any interest in him, go for him while you can. The ultimate deciding factor of who you try to summon should be a love for the character, not chasing the idea of a meta.


arjuna is always there to spook your rolls

so go for musashi and let him spook you

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I think he’s talking about Arjuna Alter not regular Arjuna man.

Arjuna Alter’s a limited servant so he can’t spook anyone. Only his Archer forms in the general pool.

OT: Arjuna Alter performs much, much better without double support than ZerkerSushi but with x2 Castoria she makes her(tbf most AoE arts memers) absurd, still Alters effective anti-trait levels of damage on both his np and face cards, tied with universal class advantage and buster crit memes makes him a steller unit.(not to mention Chen Gong also makes for a pretty absurd ally)

I would say roll for LB4’s Arjuna Alter only cause if he’s at worst relative to Summer Musashi performance wise(assuming Castoria) then ya’d still get more bang for ya buck since that banner also has the Asclepius support who I think everyone should at least try to get one copy of(oh an hot wheels is pretty good) and he’s also limited.


AA NP1 can clear wave 3 by himself
while Musaker need NP2 above or with castoria to match.

If you want something useful this year: Arjuna Alter and after that start saving for Merlin and Skadi. You will get another chance for Summer Musashi next year, anyway.

If you want to chase after the meta: forget about Summer Musashi and Arjuna Alter, go for Space Ishtar NP2.


I at least spend 30SQ if i find interesting banner, u dont know luck unexpectedly happen, and when u saving for certain servant u got nothing when rolling .its hurt

That was useful for me too. Hadn’t heard about Asclepius but he looks like a nice Merlin back-up to have.

Will it be on summer again? I haven’t checked the banner list due to being busy in my studies.

Around the start of June.

So we don’t have any banner to summon him? Only the lb banner?

Oh nice cuz my target next year is only castoria since she’s very op I considered spending to her only but if musashi will be available too then I’ll wait next year.

There hasn’t be any other banner for Arjuna Alter so far in JP, so it will be the only chance to get him (ignoring GSSRs…) for at least ~2 years.

I seriously like both cuz Arjuna is freaking awesome in the art and musashi is hot in her swimsuit so it’s hard to choose hahaha

Well that’s it I’ll go for Arjuna alter after the Kama banner then roll for castoria next year cuz if I spend more quartz I might not get castoria next year , especially I’m a f2p player.
Thanks for the advice bro.


not what the title says

I said arjuna, not arjuna alter

General rule is for non-favorite rolling is supports first, damage dealer second. Unless AA is a favorite don’t bother. Your own Merlin/Waver plus a friend np5 AA always beats np1 AA and scrambling to find Merlin.