I’ve had Arjuna chilling in my spirit origin list for a while now. With the half ap dailies I decided to raise a few extra servants. One of being Arjuna. I’d noticed he isn’t the most popular archer in the game. But what’s the reason? From my recent usage I’ve found him to be pretty good. He has good skills, does better than decent damage and can clear saber waves. What did I miss?

From what I’ve heard, his low to mid placement within the SSRs can be chalked up to too much competition.

He’s good at what he does but just eclipsed by the sheer damage Gil, Tesla(against Servants) and Ishtar (Burst Buster Damage) offers within the AOE Archer circle.

His decent to good performance just is overshadowed by the excellent performance of others.

dunno how he holds up against Napoleon tho…


Because others always expect Gils, Ishtar.
BTW he isn’t handsome enough

He’s good.

The other SSR Archers are mostly really good and come with 30-50% batteries for increased CE and support flexibility.

His NP damage is very strong since he has an Interlude for it and an effective Mana Burst, but the rest of his kit doesn’t support his offensive function as well. 25% battery is much better than nothing, but 30% is preferable, and his competition has this covered; his star gen up skill isn’t too hot because he’s not a good star generator to begin with; his debuff immunity is cool when it matters, but it rarely does; his healing is great, but we usually rather he’d have more tools to enable his offense than stand there healing when we might not need him to.

I like him, but I understand why he’s not popular.


I oddly thought his non Np damage doing the daily saber missions was actually better than a friend’s Gil. But Gil has definitely got the edge in Np damage by a lot

Damn, for real?

I thought that his simple yet classy look contrasted by gis darker features was, at least, Tier 1 in my books.

To each their own tho


I’m with you. Arjuna is plenty handsome and dresses to kill.


I find him to be an underrated servant. Like Frickboi and Gou said he competes against some of the best offensive servants in the game like Gil and Ishtar. However he does have his own niche in difficult content because any thing that relies of debuffs to make it difficult he can just laugh at. His arts deck means he doesn’t require support to get his NP off multiple times in a long battle.

Even in farming if you have an MLB Imaginary he can instantly fire his NP off making him a good stand in to come in after Arash murders himself to deal with a beefier wave.

Sadly the things that make him unique rarely matter day to day. Most ppl try to maximize efficiency so his kit which is more designed to sustain doesn’t really work well for most ppl, and his ID chance on divine enemies has both the problems of anti type attacks and the problems of instant death attacks. However, if you your personal playstyle doesn’t lean towards maximum efficiency you may love this servant as much as I do.

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His kit is just all over the place

Napoleon being in the general pool and having a better charge was the lid on Arjuna’s coffin

Napoleon getting an NP upgrade last year on JP was the final nail


I remember I didn’t use him for awhile because I kept seeing people say he wasn’t that good, but after I started using him I thought he was great. And even if I wasn’t exactly happy at the time, I am pretty happy now that he spooked me a 2nd time so he’s NP2 now.

Based on simple Attack stats Arjuna has that over Gil.

Plus, on their own buffs from their skills, Arjuna’s Buster Up reaches up to a max 30% while Gil’s Charisma has a ceiling of 21%.

But of course, you shouldn’t use a one-turn buster up on face cards unless necessary.

Can be summed up to: Too much better competition.

He and Napoleon are basically overshadowed by Gil, Ishtar and Tesla in a AoE Buster infested class. His kit is basically built upon his 1st and 2nd skills producing a decent amount of stars for the purpose of building his gauge with arts crits to fire off his high damaging NP. The problem with this is that his 2nd skill has bad uptime due to its long cooldown and his base NP gain is not that good. A full crit arts brave chain only gives about 50+ NP gauge. Still, he does good on his role as wave clearer while dealing good damage in general just on his own merit.


Until GSSR, arash was arjuna’s only competitor for me. The 25% battery is awkward, so I can’t easily use aerial dive on him in my 3T comps (no waver), but arash can. This equates to arash pumping out much bigger np numbers because arash gets the better ce option. So in gunpowder node, arjuna did w2 and arash w3.

Arjuna face card damage is really nice though. I’d welcome another arjuna spook gladly. But for now I’ll test drive my new tesla and see what I can get.

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Name a 5* Aoe archer that doesn’t do that. There, you have your answer.


Honestly I hope all 5* Aoe servants can cover those three bases. Except of course casters because they seem to have a different niche

My original post was a semi rant but to all who have replied thank you. It would seem I have a good archer and gilfest will hopefully grant me a great one.


He’s not bad by any means, it’s just a case of good versus really good. He’s more or less just outclassed by other SSR Archers, so when compared to them he comes off as seriously mediocre.

He’s decent servant on his own, but you’re usually better off raising someone else if you either don’t prefer him, or have better options at hand


Isnt there a saying that “There is no such thing as a bad Archer?”

Ive seen that phrase alot

That usually also come with “other than Arjuna” :rofl:


Eh… Arjuna isn’t bad, just mediocre