Arkinghts for dbz dokan battle account trade?

Hello everyone I would like if anyone had an arknights account with ch,en no matter which level and would like to trade with me for my dbz dokkan battle account.

I have a lot of Ur characters from android 21 to goku ssj blue kaikoen.

I have one… Wanna trade…?

Sorry, i am accidentaly overwritten my account which already have Chen and Hoshiguma… So it considerably lost…

So sorry…

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Damn if you know if I can trade my account i have arknights acc too with 2 ssr’s and like 7-8 5 stars I would love to trade.

But, i have another account but there is not Chen inside… How about Exusiai and Angelina…

Damn got angelina and not interested in excusiai.
Do you know any site where I can ask for an account Hell I would even buy a starter acc with ch’en…If only I could make my paypal work.