Arknight Request/Giveaway Thread

Let’s try this.

I’m no moderator and i do really hope that we could manage this thread without having to resort to calling them for help.
Let moderation handle real problems.

So, let’s try to follow a few general Rules:

1- No Spam. Stay on topic, if you want to chat please there is an entire forum here.

2- No trade / selling. Only asking or giving away FOR FREE.

3- Don’t ask multiple times for an account. At least wait 5 days before asking again.

4- Keep the thread CLEAN. Once you get your free account, ask for a moderator to delete your post so that the thread is easier to read.

5- Give me a Ch’En account? Pretty please? (This is not a rule, but should you decide to do it, i won’t complain :wink:)

That’s all. The giveaway thread is here.

Here i have some starters that just been sitting duck, so i think if just gave them away will be better. Please pm if you want them

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sorry Matteo no Chen for you