Arknights Account Request

Does anyone have a starter EN account with SA and Exusiai rolled in? (Or at least with SA and Siege or Hoshiguma?) It would be much appreciated if it’s one that was made during the Fan Appreciation Event period and has Mudrock or Rosemontis and some of the event’s login goods, but the former would be very much fitting and good with me.

PM me with the details if this comes across and interests you.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think selling/exchanging account is permited from HG or this forum :ak_wshock:

But if your requirement is EN + SA or Exusiai + Mudrock or Rosemontis , which mean basically everything you can currently get, you can just reroll your account over and over until you get what you want buddy…
It would take time but at least rerolling is 100% legal.