Arknights Annhilation Sanity Return Rule is false?

Can someone confirm this?
I have noticed some error in the rule displays in this pic.

For example this week, i need 140 orundum to finish my "weekly orundum "(1700) and did exactly 199 kills to be sure to complete it, but instead i have 1690/1700.
And last week it was 1696 instead 1700.

I don’t think it works like that.
As far as I know and remember it, it’s like this:

100-199 kills = about 75.
200-250 = about 145.

On a side note, your squad must be strong enough to auto anni 3 by now. If you do that, you won’t have this problem anymore.

Ok thanks, i just want to save some Sanity points but the gain is ridiculous beyond 200 kills.
And i think i made some mistake in my post.
But i am sure, i made the right calculation , i always used auto batlle (with the same map, “Lungmen Outskirt”), except for the last Annihilation to complete my weekly orundum.
Maybe 5 times this week, so it was 1625(5*325) orundum and i needed 75 as you can see.(not 170 sorry)
I made 199 kill excactly before quitting, and i have 1690 orundum now.
Something was off since last week, but it’s not important to save 10 orundum, i’ll just use the auto battle next time.

You got the same rewards when you kill 100 or 199 enemies. And the number in the table wil be random ±5. So I your case I think you may finish 5 rounds with 1620 and get 75-5=70 at the last round. But if that isn’t the case then maybe the reward of100 kill may be 70±5 .

Are you saying it’s random all the time and i didn’t notice?
It’s possible, after all in the pic, they says “about”, but anytime you finish with 400 kills, it’s 325 i think.
Gonna watch it more carefully this week and i will try to make Annihilation 3 with auto battle, with 350 Orundum as complete reward, that will resolve the issue.
350x5 is 1750 even with random value 1725-1775.

There is randomness, in Anni 2 I always used to see 320 orundum to 330 orundum as my reward.

Edit:…I didn’t type a zero there, sorry.