ARKNIGHTS CHAPTER 6-16 Final Bossfight: FROSTNOVA, Winter's Scar

“I no longer have any reason to contain the winter within me” - FrostNova

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you all a video I made about this final encounter with Yelena, both as a tribute to her sad departure and as a guide to the fellow doctors who still have to achieve the end of the story. After this episode I really felt like Arknights isn’t only a tower defense game, but actually it has built an entire world around a very fascinating story that I really hope someone will animate one day in the future. It’s just too good and it deserves more: lore, character designs, their personalities and the caothic world itself are just unreal for a mobile game.

Here is my YouTube channel where you can find my 6-16 guide to overcome FrostNova:

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See ya soon, and goodbye FrostNova. From now on I am at your side too! :pleading_face:

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