Arknights Episode 9 new contents

Yes Bagpipe is heavily involved in the main plot now

New 6 Star Vanguard (looks like Myrtle and Elysium archetype) Saileach but in the video she looks like she also buffs other operators ? idk

Her CV is Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna in SAO, Raiko in FGO, Haru Okumura in Persona 5)
Her name Saileach means the Willow tree in Irish
Related to Bagpipe (highly likely)

Archetto and Astesia Idol skins

New skins for Whislash and Meteor

Paradox Simulation and Operator Record for Midnight, Catapult, Bagpipe and Sora

Operator Modules for AOE Medic and Marksman Sniper
AOE Medic

Marksman Sniper

Rhodes Broadcast System (dunno what this is probably hint for new event?)

Video link: 《明日方舟》主线【风暴瞭望】开放 限时纪念活动宣传pv_明日方舟

some people said we’re finally getting our own Jeanne D’Arc :fgo_gudako:


Nice of you to post these to keep us updated.

Is this Closure?

I’m so hyped for yet another sunflower vanguard and also the Astesia skin. I won’t ever use her because Surtr and Guardmiya exist but that skin is freaking gorgeous.

not too sure i think she’s Vivian/Morgan since i’ve seen her before i think

Closure is a Sarkaz subspecies Vampire and she doesn’t look like one

okay i think that’s Morgan Gosh i need to stop playing FGO because i keep equating them as one

also i forgot since Bagpipe is involved we will highly likely get her in a sidebanner alongside Saileach’s banner

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She’s probably the other member of Glasgow gang back in the beta :fgo_yorokobe:


Alright then, new target for sure!

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It throws back to this image at 2nd anniversary third PV tho

Aside from Siege and Indra, three members in the back are probably new op for next chapters, from left to right are black hair girl, Morgan and an unknown member, you’ll probably want to collect all of Siege gang I presume :ak_kaltsitsip:

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also don’t forget Siege’s master Gawain has yet to make an appearance

This new vanguard is beautiful but if it’s like Jeanne d’Arc it’s bad new for me , i have played fgo for 2 years and never get her(but 2 copies on my alt account). :fgo_sqpat:
I haven’t noticed these emojis before. :ak_swire: :ak_swiresmug: :ak_swirepeek: :ak_vodka: :ak_wcheese: :ak_weedystare:

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Arcana edited and submitted lots of them in the emoji thread, you can check it out to find new emoji that got submitted there :ak_elysiumsmug:


cool :ak_wlaugh:




the good news is Arknights’ rate is far more better than FGO in general :fgo_gudako:

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1- Pity granted 6* after around 50 pulls without a 6* is great. FGO ? We could pull 300 times mapo tofu and no pity

2- Granted 5* in 10 pulls in each banner. FGO? Nothing. Pull and hope.

3- Chance to get a 6* for free in recruitment! I litterally got the Top Operator tag 9 times in these years. That’s a lot of SSR completely for free

4- Limited banners like R6s : 120 pulls = guaranteed event 6* ? FGO guarantees only salt.

I like AK a lot more than FGO for many reasons, but gatcha system is surely one of them

So we finally get to meet Reed’s sister.

you don’t say? I’m interested now