Arknights Event (need help on how to farm)


I have a fairly fresh account; I have gone through most of the main quests available in the event (except DH-5, which I currently cannot clear and will attempt to do so later during next week+the other map which seems to be far too difficult for me) So should I be farming DH-7 and 8 over and over again? Should I just farm one over the other? Or should I go back and farm the first 3 nodes?

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Raise your 3* first if you didn’t have any specific target on each roles. And be very careful to choose which Operators for your core composition.

If you plan to complete them asap, thats the plan, you will get them all eventually, just make sure you understand the basic mechanics first.

The stages farming pattern are 123, 456, or 789. Higher stages are better, but you might go lower if you still can’t clear it. For example, I can’t do DH9 yet, so I will pick DH6 or even DH3 to compensate.

The difference I’ve read is about 5%, though, it’s data from reddit, so it’s probably fine to just farm the first 3 stages if you find the latter stages hard

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Yep, that’s why I said to go lower if one still can’t manage :feh_lucyshrug:

Thank you for this, I have cleared all of the DH-8 stickers and and am soon on my way to clear DH-7 (I’ll do DH-6 afterwards) how likely am I to complete most of the shop? Even with all the energy refreshes we got (+10 60 sanity pots) I only got through a fraction of the entire shop.

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Dossoles Holiday- Event Operations and Farming Guide | Arknights Wiki - GamePress).

Try that one

Seeing that you are a new player you will probably have more than enough sanity to clear the shop due to your level ups… Even older F2P have just enough to clear shop… :fgo_bbsmile:

if you are still struggling with the DH-9 stage then may be try watching a guide? :stuck_out_tongue: