Arknights Fantasy Draft! Dark Memoirs edition

Hello all,

Next event comes soon and it’s a rerun, which is the perfect opportunity to try again with our 6 star fantasy draft concept!

All we do is, schedule a time on the forum, pick our way through the list below and then use only those 6 stars (with 3/4/5 stars) to clear the CM-EX stages (+ the mini annihilation)

Last time there were 3 of us, with Discobot filling some slots, come join us to help the idea grow!

I’m just going to @ a bunch of people who posted in the last CC thread because if the idea does stick, I think it would be really cool to try in a CC event.



Link to last draft: Arknights Fantasy Draft?


You can remove kuu from the list he won’t be around until October


Then he can read about it in October!

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Last one was fun, I’ll sign up again :ak_mostima:

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I’m still up for it.

We have 37 6* available at this time, so I guess the optimal number would be 6 people? That would be 6 6* each and the last person picking would still have a choice (though probably not a very impactful one).


Okay great,

with Elyon that makes four of us so far.

Yeah ideally. Last time we had discobot fill some slots for us, which worked out pretty well.
5x7 is 35, 6x6 is 36 and 7x5 is 35 again, so any of those would be good.
8 would be tricky in 1 draft, but it’s enough for 2 separate drafts with discobot filler.

I know I said before that I’d join the next one but my job’s keeping me real busy lately. Haven’t even opened GP the past several days.


Well my @ ing the cc regulars doesn’t seemed to have produced any results so far.

Shall we give it another day and set the draft for tomorrow?

As we’re all dealing with different time zones, we can schedule around server reset. For instance now is 4 hours before the server resets.

I have a free day tomorrow so pretty much any time will suit me, from like 5 hours before the server resets to like 10 hours after it. What about you guys? @Azurem @Calim @Elyon13

Still time for the rest of you forum folk to join the fun!

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For me whatever time during the next 4 hours :fgo_drunkgil:, it’s 3am rn at my place btw


Well that counts as today (in which I’ll be free for the next 3 hours) but what about tomorrow?

It’s depend really tho, cuz I’ll be at work most of the time so my free time is limited :fgo_drunkgil:


Should be able to make time if it’s between about 3hrs after reset to 13hrs after reset.

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That works for me as well.
It’s also not a big deal if we have some delay between the picks as far as I’m concerned.

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Okay cool, that’s good for me today or tomorrow as well.

Maybe try to keep an eye on the forum if you can and hopefully we all end up here together.

Elyon wake up and set us a time.

Oh the servers are down for the next three hours?

Why didn’t that happen at reset?

Good time for the draft, but I think Elyon either went to bed or to work

I’m still available for the next 40 mins before work :fgo_gudako:

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Timezone is the biggest problem to get this draft right :ak_kaltsitsip:, maybe you can cross me out cuz there’s only me who have the most different timezone then the rest in this :fgo_drunkgil:

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More fun with more of us!

Last time it took a bit longer than half an hour I think.

It’s now 4 hours after reset. Both the others said they would be free from about 3 hours after reset.

So can you do tomorrow 3 hours after reset Elyon?

That’s one hour before work so maybe, if I couldn’t make it, just use disco to fill the slot for me, I have all 6* raised so I’m fine with whatever result :fgo_scathachrelax:

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Lol okay, maybe list those with M3s just in case

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