Arknights M8-6 Secret Ending!


I was wondering once again:


Honestly, I’m getting sick of this shit!

Even after months of trying: No success!
I tried with this Team:

I tried with some others and I tried dozens and dozens of times!

At this point I am sick of trying this stupid garbage mission! F*ck the creators of Arknights for seriously thinking this map was a good idea!

Can anyone post a video with the secret so I can just watch it and move on? I tried finding it on YouTube but it’s full of videos trying to show how to beat the challenge rather than videos showing the secret itself!

Alternatively you could record it yourself if you beat the challenge!

I won’t bother trying this shit anymore!


Ps: The only ray of hope I’m having is that maybe Fiametta with her over the top murder Skills might have a chance to carry me to success but I’m not being too optimistic!

here are a few videos

btw perfumer e2 is extremely helpful, same goes for angi.
I think whislash helps too as well as castle 3.

I think perfumer is kind of mandatory… not e2 but e1.


Thanks but . . . I’m not sure I will manage to succeed . . .
That’s why I’m trying to watch the secret online rather than try and unlock it myself . . . :ak_sceneannoyed:

I dont think i can upload the vid, but what inside the secret ending is very simple.

Its between rosmontis and one of the shieldguards.

Most of the conversation is the usual stuff in arknight, no special sound effect, no special art, just ros and one shieldguards.

Basically it went like this.

“Heh, you are pretty a good warrior, feline. You skewer them without any hesitation, clean and fast and you dont even flinch. If only i never know you killed capt, i will definitely ask you to join us”

“What about amiya?”

“Nah, she is different. She will never be suited to us”

“Then i dont want to join”

“That’s fine. You will not be able to join us anyway since you killed capt.
You know feline, once, i used to be so proud of this country.”

*opens helmet

“Wha, you are… a feline.”

"Heh, its pretty hard to join ursus shielguards as a feline, you know. Me and my parents was from Rim Billiton, we moved to ursus and settle there. I liked to fight since i was young and so i joined the army. Day after day i fought many wars, killed any enemy i can found for the glory of ursus.

But you know what? My parents got infected, they got kicked out to the wilderness and died out there. I only learned of this half a year after their death. Since, i took my time to think things over. Was everything i did actually for the betterment of the world?

Actually, if not for capt,i would be a goner since long. They would have put me on trial because of my harsh remark to the HQ once, i owed my life to capt ever since.

Then i followed capt to the tundra, joined reunion, and the rest is history."

“Anyway, you sure about staying with that cautus? You both are two of a kind of people”

“You mean we wont be able to go along? But… we went along really well, she taught me many things too, i like her. How are you so sure about that?”

“Personally, i know this from experience. I have met someone like her”

*the shieldguards look over the horizon, disregarding rosmontis, as if reminiscing about something. Then put on his helmet and joined the other shieldguards.

Yeah, nothing important, really. Aside from the NPC feline head in the shieldguars suit, nothing new.

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