Arknights new Classes subcategories



Assault: DP-On Kill
Pointman: Traditional vanguard
Tactician: Ranged Vanguard? (Beanstalk is semi summoner)
Flagbearer: Myrtle and Elysium

Guard (has the largest amount of subcategories)

Breacher: AOE Guar
Swordmaster: Dualstrike
Pugilist: Brawler (duh)
Martial Artist: Enmity Guards
Warlock: Arts Guard
Fearless: Duelist
Instructor: Support Guard
Reaper: AOE Enmity Guard
Warlord: Ranged Guard
Liberator: Modal Guard (Beeswax and Mint but Guard get it?)


Ironguard: traditional defender
Guardian: Medic Defender
Unyielding: Enmity Defender
Arts Ironguard: self explanatory Arts Defender
Champion: Duelist Defender


Rapidfire: self explanatory
Arbalest: Close Range Single Target Sniper that hits hard?
Artillery: looking like grenade launcher type
Spreadshooter: Boomstick
Sieger: Rosa
Bombardment: likely meant Orbital bombardier type
Marksman: Sniper in the most literal sense?


Core: Single Target caster
Formation: Modal Caster
Proliferation: AOE Caster
Mystic: ST Caster with Charged Normal Attack capabilities (Indigo, Iris)
Mechanical: Likely high ASPD caster with low Attack number like Click this is a new category so far she’s the sole member
Barrage: Line Caster
Chain: self explanatory


Physician: ST Medic
Mass: AOE Medic
Mender: Likely Wide Range Medic that also can provide resistance/prevent status effects (not sure if Ansel and Myrrh can be categorized like Whisperain and Ceylon)


Witherer: likely slow supporters
Weakener: Debuffer like Pramanix, Shamare
Minstrel: Aura Supporter
Preserver: Buffer
Summoner: self explanatory


Executioner: Drop in Assassin
Stalker: CC Specialist
Trapper: Can lay down traps on field likely consisting only of Robin and Frost as of now
Dealer: DPS Specialists that eats DP
Puppeteer: New category probably only consisting of Bena as of now
Charlatan: Sacrificial Specialist
Pusher: self explanatory
Grappler: Puller

there are several unexpected subcategories like Click being a very distinct archetype apparently


This is great, more detail for the Arknights mechanism.

Click has that drone that deals increasingly more damage the longer it attacks the same enemy, so that’s likely why her subclass is called ‘Mechanical’


Jaye is a Dealer, that help a lot to clear his reputation. :rofl:


I figure the representatives that are chosen are the highest rarity for global (except for Bena, since she’s the only one in her archetype) so as to avoid spoilers, but then FEater is used instead of Weedy…

So now I’m just confused.


Something has been bothering me about this.

Is Platinum rapid fire or a marksman?

I’m sure there are also others examples where ops don’t clearly fit the moulds, even though there’s so many subgroups.


Aceship just updated the op list with the correct name, you can check it out :fgo_shutensip:, Platinum is rapidfire tho


GP has made adjustments to their tier list categories according to the official ones, and yup, some things are plain weird.

Yato: moved to DP on Skill vanguard.
Yato: but I have no skills :fgo_robinstare: I also don’t give DP. If anything, I should be FD.

Thermal: moved to Fast-Redeploy.
I’m pretty sure that even with Chiave deployed (-75% redeployment time for robots, Thermal originally has 200), Thermal is NOT a FD :fgo_robinstare:


Ohhi @BadWolfVindici !
would you be interested in joining us for our next draft?

You can see what we did here:

Maybe we can get another one going for the R6 EX-CM stages :slight_smile:


According to Aceship, Yato is belong to pioneer vanguard which is based on the list, is kinda like a lane holder vanguard with her block 2, and Thermal is an Executor specialist, which probably the type of specialist that can use their skill right away at the moment they got deployed, so yeah, GP might need to update the name all over again instead of using old name that can cause misleadings :fgo_shutensip:


Hey :)

I probably won’t have time for experiments beyond the initial clear esp with a third game picked up :woman_facepalming:, and with that flipping co-op to boot, so pass. Sorry.


So basically also Phantom, Red, Kafka, Gravel, and Waai Fu? :fgo_robinstare: Still a weird grouping, since robots don’t really work the way other specialists work, and yeah, literally everyone else being FD. Then again, searching for logical choices from the company who made Passenger.


At least he can kill slugs after the buff now :rofl:


About that… Vanilla would like to have a word with him :fgo_gudako:

AK buffs are always such a not funny joke :woman_facepalming: They make a steaming pile of poop and add a pink ribbon on top. We all know what’s the Passenger’s strength: he looks pretty, speaks like Takahiro Sakurai, and boosts the morale of the team by his OP divine avian aura. All hail the motivating extinct pigeon.


It looks like Artillery would be an AoE sniper and Marksman would be an Wide Range Sniper

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