[Arknights] Nice Ifrit Lane 2

btw sometimes it’s better to put all the videos in one thread to avoid spam :feh_birbpeek:

Like make one thread specifically for videos

wait i can explain srry

I’m all ears :feh_birbpeek:

these 4 videos i made over the past 2 days when i couldn’t post the link here, and usually i make only 1 or 2 videos a day…

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i was kind of catching up

i can put the video description in here too for convenience

I see

I do still recommend maybe have one thread for all the videos you make rather than multiple from here in out for convenience
You can update it whenever
It’s mainly so people don’t flag this as spam and I wouldn’t want that upon you

okay sounds good i will do that from now on

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thanks for understanding :feh_nino:

Nice videos, but pls avoid spamming threads next time :laffeyconfused:

Thank you, yeah tomorrow i will make a thread for my channel where i will post daily :D

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hello, i made 1 topic for my videos now. is it possible to make my new posts appear at the top instead of at the bottm of the page?