Arknights Official Worldmap

On CN’s stream we got treated to ex-wife Dr Kal’tsit narrating over the map
I wanted to cut and enlarge it, but someone on reddit has already done that :fgo_dshy:
all credits to them


Where do the abyssal hunters come from then?

Maybe from the Abyss :ak_redwut:


I do not know :fgo_umu:

but besides the Aegir meaning “sea” and all the ops being underwater animals
maybe it’s an Atlantis type deal?

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Then there’s more to the map right?

maybe it’s an Atlantis type deal?

It was hinted that way some times in events


I mean, there’s still the unexplored frozen northlands that Magallan is supposed to be investigating?
could be more to the map tbh

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I mean there’s some hints as well right? To the left the map, it’s boxed in by some grey cells which maybe indicate that it was the end but the north and south don’t have them so maybe there’s more those ways.

Maybe the north is boxed in and we can’t see it, but the south is free for expansion

Oh I thought those were supposed to be Mountains
and the lower cells water/the ocean

north could not be boxed in because it’s the uninhabitable frozen lands

in the future the could add more pieces to the map by going “it was beyond the ocean”

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If they were mountains, wouldn’t they be much higher? Just my thought, but them being mountains is also a possible…

From what I understood, the raised up parts indicate land and the low areas inbetween them is the sea, since siesta is known to be an island, this could be viable. So if land is shown as raised up blocks then wouldn’t mountains be higher than land?

But yeah this being the incomplete map is a nice possibility to consider :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Wow, the world sure is white and hexagony :ak_talulahpeek:


With the map being flat and all I have a feeling we’re looking at Terry Pratchett’s Discworld :D


actually now that I look at it again, if black was mountains, it’d be a little weird not having any throughout the continent :fgo_mordredthink:

hopefully we’ll get a more detailed one later, the aesthetic is cool but I want actual details lol

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It is nice to see that now we have also a world map.

Arknights seems to be getting more and more details and contents, as if before the developers feared that the game would be a fail and now instead they realized that it is potentially a gold mine

Aren’t Abyssal Hunters from Iberia

I have no idea… I was expecting them to be from some shady organisation

I thought the cities were mobile in order to avoid calamities. Siesta is an exception though.
Wouldnt their locations be constantly changing? :ak_redwut:


They are likely to be migrating in certain regions, I guess, so locations should not be precise, but one will know at least in which area to look for a certain city.

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