Arknights tech issue

Does anyone have the same issue as me with the app recently?
I think it’s since the last update.
Arknights often go to the background(so i return to the title screen), especially when i begin a map or annihilation.
I lost some sanity points every time.
For example today it already happened 3 times , even during auto-battle mode.
My smartphone is not rooted, android 8.0.0, i already clear the cache and the app disable my firewall witch use a Vpn.
I only saw this behavior on emulator before.

Any suggestion is welcome.

It’s unusual to hear that issue from the game part,
it’s more on the other side, us.
(first glance deduction)
I think it’s better to check on your device’s setting first.
There’s higher possibility from that side.

Even if it’s from the game, currently I didn’t encounter any problem that you mentioned before.

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Thanks for the reply, i’m gonna look what i have changed in my setting.

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Yo, no problem
Hope that your issue could be resolved asap

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