Arlo seriously doesn't know when to quit

My balloon encounters with Rocket Radars are mostly Arlo…needless to say, I kick his butt pretty much every time I meet him in the balloon. And yes, today, I met Arlo and kicked his butt. His lineup was Pineco, Steelix, and Scizor. All of which are weak to Fire. My lineup was Charizard (Fire Spin, Overheat, Dragon Claw), Exeggutor (Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb) and Entei (Fire Spin, Overheat).

(Fun fact: Arlo said “Arrogance leads to failure” before battling me today. And he got arrogant and decided to challenge me, as seen in the first picture I uploaded in this topic. So guess where his own arrogance lead him? To the second picture I uploaded in this topic. In other words, yes, he got rekt.)


So what?i luv him. He gave me his shiny.

I never got a shiny Pineco from him. Best I got was a pretty high 2-star Pineco (which I got today). Either way, you’d think he’d know when to quit challenging me by now, considering how many times I’ve kicked his butt.

I crashed him today just by using a Gengar and a Swampert.

Yes, you read that right, a Triple Shadow Gengar and no Fire Types.

That says a lot about how weak Arlo is…

Nice one.

The admins are pretty easy as long as they don’t put a very spammy or very bulky mon in the front.

Like say, Arlo’s Scyther (Note that I didn’t know about placing the lead on the back during that time, so he sometimes takes 4 to 5 attempts to kill), Cliff’s Pinsir (Another very annoying one) or Sierra’s Lapras (Surprise, I didn’t have much issues on this one compared to Scyther or Pinsir leads, it’s just noteworthy.)

Honestly, I agree with Cliff’s Pinsir. That Pokemon was so annoying. Even with a Charizard, he was still able to burn both my shields. And, of course, Sierra’s Lapras…even more dreaded when she uses double Lapras.

Surprisingly I barely had any trouble killing Lapras or multiple Lapras. I saw one a few days ago and beat it in basically one try, I forgot what I actually used but I think it’s Machamp and Electivire.

Nice. My strategy is start with Machamp, then switch to Lucario to delay her…

I just use a Lucario for all of them, except Sierra who I also use a cross chop Machamp against.

After being insanely bored with the leaders I removed my radars and just fight grunts in the hope of shadow Machops, Dratini’, Snorlax and Mudkip

What’s funny is that this was the admin I was the most afraid of, but oddly enough, he never really “broke” me. Also, I can do this to him:

Teehee! Flawless run!! He used no charged, I didn’t need to shield and none of my Pokemon fainted.

Honestly, my Salamence was great against it :3

And this is the admin that used to be easy, but now I secretly dread fighting and she “broke” me with that stupid Double Lapras strategy. Thankfully, Scizor, Melmetal and Aggron turn the tables so now, I’ll make her feel like wanting to step on a Lego, instead of it being the other way around. To Sierra:


The difficulty of her double Lapras depends on how many Riolus you have hatched…

I’ve only ever hatched 2.

Thank God for those guaranteed Rare Candies on GO Fest day, because this would’ve never happened:

2nd charged attack and powered him up. I still feel like it’s too low in CP to fight against any of the admins, for right now. Although, it did defeat Giovanni’s Persian easily (but I think it was deliberately weaker)

Lately I encounter Cliff again and again… not a glimpse of Arlo and oh-so-gorgeous Sierra… :thinking:

That’s something I wouldn’t call her, but okay

Still can’t get over with those double Lapras eh ? :wink:

Because she broke me, on that one day. (don’t rub it in. Don’t you dare.) Plus, after taking a short break that day and going back to fight her in a rocket balloon, Arlo replaced her and that made me even more upset, because I wanted my revenge, and I eventually got it.

But now, I have a way to counter Double Lapras, with this surprisingly good Pokemon:

He (or it) is my savior (along with Scizor, which burns Shields and Aggron, which stalls the ice shard ones)

You should take notes, dear.

Lucario is the best gym attacker in the game and great for raiding too. Buddy walk it for candy after your leg fully recovers.

I did. I know what to do now