Arlo with Scyther (FC/NS), Gyarados and Scizor beaten with extremely odd layout

Not sure which part is lucky but I suppose I’m lucky to see Gyarados without bite or the Scizor not using Night Slash.

Pokemon used are Giratina-A, Raikou, Registeel.

Be warned that Fury Cutter/Night Slash is a nightmare since it makes Scyther spam night slashes, so you might have to eat 1 charge move in the face.

I’m only lvl 34 (started a few days before September’s CD) so here’s what I use against that team;

Aggron cp2566 - Smack Down / Stone Edge
Tyranitar cp3246 - Bite / Crunch
Hariyama cp2486 - Counter / Dynamic Punch

Went through many variations for the 3rd slot before I realised Hari’s HP is high enough to deal with Scizor