Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is coming!

The trailer suggests it has different stats, and it is shown to use Ice Beam.

Let the hype begin!

Maybe, but I think more info rneeds to come before the hypetrain can leave the station.

Nothing was said about differences functionally, so at this time, I think we can assume its like the hatachu, cosmetic only.

In the trailer shows it has 49430 CP, the same as regular Mewtwo’s.

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The 12 July movie release is only for Japan. Expect Armored Mewtwo to appear again for the international release.

No psystrike nor shadow ball return apparently. Though I wonder if psystrike hasn’t come with gen 5 instead of 4.
We will see.

I wish the armor wasn’t quite so…busy. those big bulky shoulder pad things look awful! Apart from that, however, consider me hyped! Mewtwo is the OG badass of Pokemon, so I won’t turn down a rerun!


Psystrike indeed was introduced in Gen 5. Was it confirmed though that we won‘t get any new moves? I mean, so far we only have the trailer announcing it at all

I feel like if psysrike, or any new move was added, they’d say before release, maybe in the next few days.

I’m excited about types rather than moves or stats… what about a psychic/steel mewtwo?? It will be a significant change

Agreed. And the possibility of adding a steel move or two. Of course, they won’t go as far as to give Armored Mewtwo Meteor Mash with Stab, but something like Magnet Bomb would be cool. Strongly suspect that if they go this route, Heavy Slam will be the move. Probably not allowed in the main series, of course, but then again, this is new ground, right?

On another front, the Psychic/Steel typing would be identical to Metagross, so we know what the counters would be, lose Bug as a weakness, and add Fire and Ground. The Ghost and Dark pokemon still perform well, and one can add in Moltres and any good PvE Ground pokemon (there aren’t any, Groudon is fair at best, the rest are worse). Additionally, while a Steel typing gives a boatload of resistances, they are useless in PvE as a raid boss, because everyone will be bringing optimal counters; for PvP, on the other hand, it could be a game changer.

I’ll stop speculating here, as we’ve already built all this with no foundation. Many possible interesting ideas, though. Sadly, I expect the reality will be a disappointment when compared to our idle musings.

Seeing how much the pokemon compagny forbids all the fan-made games, I doubt they would allow niantic to change a Pokemon type, and Mewtwo of all things.
But it could be interesting.

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The announcement said “Psychic-type” so unless that’s a typo I think it’s safe to assume it’s monotype. Doesn’t rule out having steel type moves (maybe Bullet Punch instead of Psycho Cut? Flash Cannon instead of Hyperbeam?).

The hype train isn’t going to ever leave the station for you… Because as you have repeatedly claimed Mewtwo sucks, and nobody will want to raid it if doesn’t have Shadow Ball…

Shadow ball was largely what made mewtwo, psychic is a niche type, and we had mewtwo raids that will functionally be no different than these. The only difference is aesthetic, or chance at better IV’s. That will attract some attention, but not much more than the typical raiding for a legendary. Popularity of a pokemon can only do so much when its not shiny possible or has something new. People in America found Azelf a relatively boring raid boss since thay already had psychic mewtwo from October who were better, and this new mewtwo seems to provide nothing new, no shiny, just what amounts to a legendary hatachu.

Pokemon like rayquaza when they came out without a shiny got attention since its rayquaza, it has good moves for generalist purposes and was good against the numerous dragons we will be seeing for generations, mewtwo is only a big name in pvp (due to both unpredictability and shadow ball) and even shadow ball mewtwo’s ghost raid dominance was taken by one Giratina. Its like Dragonite, it was good back then and its still good now, but its gotten powercreeped and doesnt have anything that set it apart practically speaking. What made shadow ball mewtwo’s best set is the match ups. fighting and poison are rare in PvP masters, gym;s and in raids, only machamp is the target, there are no poison legendaries, and the only fighting legendaries are handled better by other pokemon, while ghost and psychic legendaries are much more plentiful across all generations, mewtwo itself, lugia, latis, giratina, cresselia, the lake trio, solgaleo, lunala, necrozma, tapu lele, it is a reliable attacker that has usages across all gens, and those were just the legendaries, making it a good investment for long term and though it did get powercrept by giratina origin and may not have been the single best option for all those pokemon, the fact shadow ball mewtwo are already powered up and were good agaisnt so many things reliably for much longer is a point for them. Psychic (which is now its best set) has so legendaries other than potentially Keldeo (who is a mythical) or Piroette forme meloetta (who are both mythicals) where its best, and machamp for t3s, which minimal use elsewhere as a psychic attacker. As stats and match ups go, shadow ball was mewtwo’s best set, and it is now a much less impressive pokemon due to having less utility and potential to be where it was before without some outside interference, ie a new move/buff to old moves. Lucky trade have also let players turn the mewtwo that weren’t good from October (which again if these mewtwo have the same moves/stats at old mewtwo, as it seems to be) into better nonshadow ball mewtwo for the little use one does have, there by taking one of the big parts of a legendary rerun, a change at better iv’s, away. People will raid legendaries just because they are legendary raids, they give the best rewards.

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If Niantic has to stay true to the main games, then the Steel typing wouldn‘t bring any changes on offense, because the only Steel type move Mewtwo learns is Iron Tail. So I wouldn‘t really set too much hope on that

Of course not on offense, but steel is not a type that’s good for offense, but deffense instead.
Metagross type can give magnificent results to a mewtwo, even if it costs some of m2 atk stat in the process.
A step back raid wise perhaps (but we still have our old mewtwos) but a different aproach in PvP or attacking gyms.
Even in an scenario of giving mewtwo steel type moves, I doubt people will choose to use them on a new mewtwo. Metagross is just overpowered as a steel type, and living proof itself that steel type is not so good on offense.
But yes, I doubt niantic will give the king a different type. Also, the screens shows the type of the mon, and is still mono psychic. But lets dream

Armored Pokemon are also rumoured to be a feature of Sword and Shield, of which Armored Mewtwo could be the prime representative. That’s a lot of speculation, but it’s possible Niantic wouldn’t be acting “on their own” on this, but rather following the careful planning of the Pokemon Company.


It is different than the “armor” he wore in the anime, which made me reconsider this. The announcement didnt mention anything about secondary typing or altered stats so I doubt it will be anything more than a hatichu(two). But how many players have come in the last year since he was in raids wanting to catch their own?

this is more or less what I have been saying about mewtwo that aren’t different than what we got in October. There’s not many new players that have joined and are wanting them beyond collecting, since most wouldn’t have the resources to make use of one.

Considering the let’s go eevee/pikachu cross promo they did, I think that’s probably what’s happening.

It would be odd for them to add armored forms and dynamaxing, but then again gen 7 had z crystals (and the much more limited) Alolan forms.