ARO Galeforce players: Duo Ephraim w/o WOM teammate viable?

The approach would be similar to 2 bold fighter armors. Ephraim uses his movement buff, 2 Eirs smite him and 2nd Galeforce unit in, ideally they both get 2 kills then survive the enemy phase.

Purposes teammates: Raven/Linus, Mustafa(dudes got some nice bulk, haven’t looked hard into activating Galeforce efficiently yet), Navarre/Brave Celica (assuming her refine will make this possible). Open to other options. Didn’t look too heavy into everyone yet.

This would open up the 2nd Galeforce units B slot to help get kills/activate Galeforce or give the more survivable. Potentially Lul or damage reduction skills. They would also likely need infantry pulse (and the HP to pull it off) to assist Ephraim for a 1 hit Galeforce. Maybe not “need” to, but for more consistency. But this leaves less debuff options for C and Seal.


viable, just pretty inconsistent.
problem with this is that you are at the mercy of the opponent’s trap setup - too close to their team and it’s over before it begins too close to your team and you are at the mercy of your offense structes. Smitng TWO units safely in the same turn is going to be extremely prohibitive.

I would say Duo Ephraim is not going to be usable without getting his cd down to 2.

Honestly, I don’t really see galeforce teams that aren’t eirforce these days.


I do plan to have Ephraim down to 2 cooldown, times pulse, QP and team infantry pulse. Which could limit my teammate options, since they can’t use QP or Times Pulse. But some of my listed ones wouldn’t need it anyway.

As far as the trap situation, yeah it could be impossible if their surrounding the enemy team. Don’t other Galeforce strategies suffer the same tho? I guess some WoM would not. But as far as close traps and personal structures, I only use escape ladder and bonus structure. Have been playing that way since the start, can’t stand it being cluttered with things I can manage without. Has definitely benefited me with positioning, can smite more freely.

My bonus structure is always in the 3rd slot, since abandoned castle is the most common map and blocks the column anyway.

Not gonna lie, I’m it familiar with what “Eirforce” refers to. Obviously involving Eir but don’t know beyond that.

Why is that a requirement? Wouldn’t the guaranteed follow-up and HB mean he’ll go down to 3 on first attack, 2 in retaliation, and GF ready on the follow up?

But as for the OP team comp, I’d go for B!Celica. With a damage mitigation B-slot she’s great and her refine ought to offer her some more sustainability.

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I see the problem with Ephraim if the opponent can’t counter. He can get away with just times pulse, as long as he doesn’t 1 shot his first opponent. Getting him down to 2 charge at start, let’s him hit anyone without that problem.

Only thing with Cecilia is she looses her double lion B slot to run a damage reduction B skill.

Roger that. Well, her uses are dependant on her refine. I think it was +7Hp after combat which, if she attacks unopposed, opens up double lion to being used every time. Because right now its as useless (imo) as a push 3: one and done.

This. Trap placement.

Though personally it’s hard to Temari EirAND use her for galeforce, and I choose the former for better consistency.

I will say Duma helps a galeforce team, but if he isn’t around you have to rely on bolt tower or bolt traps… and with only 3 rounds (assuming you are counting onyour own bolt tower and they have a head tower) you definitely have to be ready if you hit the fake bolt trap.

Galeforce is my absolute worst case scenario, but it has paid off once or twice in this exact scenario.

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Eirforce is a Galeforce strategy that normally involves an eir with fury (no mystic boost) to go in and attack a unit, preferably killing them. Then, a unit or 2 with WoM fly in and initiate Galeforce like a regular Galeforce team. If you want an example, I’d recommend Luna FE

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Consider how many independent events have to occur sequentially before “traditional” galeforce works:

-room to smite due to lucky structure placement for your offense.
-traps not adjacent to their frontline units or but also not close to your starting position
-their frontline units have to have a low threat range, that doesn’t overlap with their traps too much, probably melee
-your initiator being able to one-round a frontliner they can reach but not one shot them
-your initiator being able to one-round a second unit they can reach but not one shot them
-repeat all of the above for the second unit you are smiting in, but harder since you have one enemy off the table
-your galeforcers both surviving two combats with enough hp to survive the last unit standing

The chances of actually running into a comp like this is probably like 5%.

Eirforce: eir with fury/disarm trap/savage blow/savage blow, peony with anything, bonus unit, 2 galeforcers with WOM. Eir attaccs a sqooshy unit and nulls a trap that will be a problem later, ideally kos, gets danced by peony, attacs another unit or finishes the first , hits <50% hp from fury + lyfaberg while chipping away 28 hp and debuffing around, galeforcer 1 woms and kos 2 units, galeforce 2 woms in and kos two units. Bonus unit just repos or smites or woms too or does nothing. You can even put IP on the askrs and/or run WOM on them for a backup ko option or another wom anchor.

Galeforce might as well not even exist in light apart from eirforce, it’s that much better. You can use any 2 galeforcers you want (their movement is almost irrelevant due to wom). One being a dancer with galeforce such as phina or sylvia is a great option. I use Raven and Donnel and sylvia and alternate. You do not need any premium 5*s for this strat, just fodder, which is why I think duo eph and tibarn 2.0 are wastes of orbs/fodder.


“ -your initiator being able to one-round a frontliner they can reach but not one shot them
-your initiator being able to one-round a second unit they can reach but not one shot them”

Those 2 things don’t seem to apply.

I can see the difficulty with what I am suggesting, but there are a few things I don’t understand. The first, Ephraim is aloud to 1 shot his first opponent with proper support (1 hit Galeforce). But more so, why isn’t he allowed to 1 shot a 2nd unit? I don’t see the harm there, since he already used Galeforce that turn.

oh, if youre commited to getting his cd down to 2 or less, then yeah. But almost anyone can one-round with good fodder and a fair amount of chip damage/debuffs to help, and they can pack a slaying effect to make the job easier. Ephraim needing to use time’s pulse isn’t ideal - it’s premium, and more importantly, if his C slot is taken up, he won’t be able to run with a dancer as a second unless your bonus unit always has IP.

also, there are more pathing issues I didn’t mention involving where two units have to start and end up. Try looking at defense maps of random people on your fl and I think it will be clear how difficult it is to get all of this to work in order in one turn.

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How about Astra? What’s the best way to abuse Galeforce there?

Include altina in the Galeforce, one of the WoM units

all current options suck, but velouria/second galeforcer/altina/altina/bonus is the least bad (altina w/ galeforce)

Kempf is the only consistent galeforcer.

Just kidding… or am I?

Anyway, Duo Ephraim is probably ok with a wom team. Although, he may have some issues. Cant point to what, the only galeforecer I use can protect himself from damage after a single initiation, has range, has aoe after each combat, causes a panic. Anyway I can legit say I have no idea how a ‘real’ galeforce team runs. Duo Ephraim, is strong, so you probably dont need much to get him off I suppose.


I guess both Altina would be ally supported by Velouria for the double cooldown reduction, right?

That leaves the 3rd Galeforcer to be someone that can trigger galeforce by themselves, which could be Tibarn or Duo Ephraim, but would require things to go too smothly for them to really work.


that’s why you be loaded boi like me and have one Eir for each

Just don’t sadly. Galeforce sorta sucks in Astra ngl. Altina is too inconsistent but if she wasn’t then it might be better.

Im willing to use any fodder I have to make this work. Most other content is easy enough with my current builds. Also I likely won’t be using bonus units. I like to run 3 mythic (Eir, Eir, Peony) and 2 light blessed units. I am fine with not using this potential Galeforce team all the time, it’s actually a secondary team. Brave ike and Lucina are my main. So if there is something he can’t tank, I can look into the Galeforce option.

But if this is strictly inferior to the suggested Eirforce, I will check into that. I was thinking Brave Roy ( mines +speed +1 merge) for my red and maybe Donnell or Cordelia for my second Galeforce. Then the same set up, 2 Eir and a Peony.

Edit: nvm on Cordelia would prefer to not use slaying lance. Donnell can use times pulse, since Roy needs QP seal.

Lol one Eir for each, I wish. I’m in the 99% percentile trying to get her. Each banner I try, some hard like when she first came out, and only one beyond the free one has come to me, and I need that one just for points as peony and Mila don’t like me either.


Yes, it’s much better unless you don’t mind missing a bonus unit, but I look at teams that bring three units of choice as…tacky.

My suggestion - if you’re committed to the strat, make two teams - both with double savage blow eir, peony, one with a high hp dancer+galeforcer (for when units are more spread out/terrain or buildings are problematic and WOM adjacency doesn’t cut it) and one with 2 galeforcers (for when the aforementioned problems aren’t present and/or there are bulkier defense units present). Personally, I use silvia with slaying edge +spd and SS3/WOM/IP/flashing blade + raven with prf and AS push4/WOM/joint drive spd/heavy blade on the latter and donnel with FB4/WOM/TP/DB3 and same sylvia on the other (though this will be velouria when I build her fully). If you want to put IP on your askrs for max flexibility, there is no better time to make that work with geese at 4*.

Having your “core” galeforce shell with disarm trap eir and possibly ips on askrs set up to go is way, way more important than pulling for any specific 5* unit. Velouria is the only 5* that is well-worth it to invest in. l! leif is a ridiculous unit you can replace a galeforcer with when he’s in season, and opens up a lot of options.