ARO: Near Save W!Fae + Brunnya?

So, I’ve gotten lucky with Brunnya really early on in Hall of Forms, already got Atk/Spd Solo 4 and NFU (and fatal smoke but I’m looking for pulse smoke).

I was wondering if I should consider a W!Fae forma too, going for a Dedue more or less. I have Fae as +3 with 7 DFs but not a lot of investment (Aether, Lightning Breath, steady breath). Thinking of something like this:

I don’t have any save skills right now, so hall of forms might be the opportunity. Pale Breath is the “Gilt Fork” breath, though I also consider her native Glittering Breath with slick fighter to be a fine alternative.

Do you think a +4 near save W!Fae would work well in ARO, possibly with Brunnya as the main tank? She has lots of BST, but no prf weapon or skills like Gustav or B!Edelgard to make her stand out. I was thinking Astra season but could be swayed to do it in light if that makes more sense.


Possibly, though at least with my recent experiences, green hasn’t been a great pick for melee defense, thanks to L!Sigurd being virtually omnipresent. It’s tough for a green armor to really take repeated melee hits when many common threats there are red, you know?


I don’t think W-Fae is gonna cut it

Between Eliwood, Kempf, and L-Sigurd, there are too many popular red melee threats, and Fae doesn’t have Gustav’s busted DR going for her


You could, but until they release an armor DR B skill (maybe dragon wall, but that doesn’t give extra EP attacks like most B skills) she won’t be quite as effective imo. I love the idea of it tho, and it can’t hurt if you got souls to spare, you’d just have to be seriously careful with the red cavs aforementioned

I do envy you for your good early luck with Brunnya! I was thinking the same as you at least to play around with fae, but got more work to do on Brunnya first


Thanks for the responses. No, I don’t have forma souls to spare; I have the free one and enough celestial stones to get another, which would mean I’d be out if I did this. Which I won’t, given the many red melee threats.


In that case, good call!

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