Arthur Builds

As I like Arthur good deal, I eventually want to merge him up. Thing is, until he gets a refine, (and he’ll probably get one eventually) I’m not entirely sure how to build him. So, I was hopefully looking for suggestions for the time being.

It can be as expensive as you want it to be. The only thing I ask is no summoner support.

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Hmm…Arthur is a bit tricky; but I, personally, would probably go for something along these lines.

Very high HP and solid defenses makes him difficult to damage or kill, with Noontime for a touch of self-sustain. With his HP over 60 (including the buff from the seal, Sudden Panic would affect quite a number of enemies. C is, as it usually is, flexible. Hack-o’-Lantern is, obviously, to help deny specials; but Wo Gun could be subbed in for stronger Noontime heals.

Just gonna @Kroeger
And drop a silly idea

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Arthur is an extremely versatile unit, his stats are very balanced but he also lacks a little bit in Spd - though it being decent. I think you can go for any type of build too, offensive or defensive.



But if you need someone to give you better advice, then @Kroeger could help you.

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Arthur, at max merges, can run practically any build with pretty good efficiency. His offensive potential is good, his defensive potential is good, and he can run a combination of the two fairly well.

One thing I really like after much testing are the Ruse skills.

They debuff the enemy’s stats (two of them) by threefive and inflicts Guard, making it that much harder to proc Specials. Not only that, but with Shoreline Rake he gains an additional four attack and defense during combat.

Not only that, but if the unit has visible buffs on them and gets Panic’d, the visible buff and the debuff from the Ruse will stack. So if they have a +6 visible attack buff, and get Panic’d and Ruse’d, then they’d have -9 attack, making you have an effective +13 to your defense thanks to the Rake, and that’s not taking into account the actual Rally buff itself, or things like Gray Waves, Tactics, etc.

It might not be the best, but it’s a pretty synergistic build.

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Oh, oops. I was using an app and it showed -3. Lol.

You’d think I’d learn to not trust it. Lol

AHA! Another fellow Arthur’s lover!

One thing who is good about Arthur is his mixed stats who love merges and DF. Sadly without merges he won’t shine like you want, but with merges he becomes really nice!
He like all boon outsides of HP who is only “okay” for panic build (but even for them it’s actually not really worth it). The more versatiles ones are ATK and SPD because they’ll be usefull for almost every builds.

One thing I actually don’t recommand is DC on his A slot : Without “stat-stick” A slot, it would be difficult for him to break the triangle, and he don’t really have the defensives stats for using DC at his fullest if he have spd/atk boon. Only if he have def/res boon you could put DC on him (res is a superboon).
Krazytre’s DC build is a solid one, albeit expensive. I would only change the special to one with a lesser CD and maybe the assist for not relying on other to proc atk/spd ruse.

You can build Arthur with multiples builds, and he’ll be great in almost all of them. I use spd boon for versatility, because he like spd in defensives and offensives builds.

I’ll put down multiples builds I use/imagined for giving you somes idea

Main build omega tank

If I had the fodders, I would switch brazen def/res by fortress def/res and wrath by special spiral.
The point of this build is to tank anything, survive and launch ignis bomb in their face.
I actually use it from times to times in AR and it’s still really good.
He always have def/res tactic buff, so that make him at 44/34 def/res stats for the first fight, and 51/48 when he is under 80%. If we take atk smoke into account he is at 58/55 with special deny. I actually soloed somes AR def with him and 1dancer that buffed him and refreshed him (because he needed to finish in 7tours!)

He sometimes have spd support that bring him to 42, which is often enough for double deny a lot of unit. And even 36 unbuffed is always nice to have for doubling/deny doubles of slow tank

Secondary build "Justice smash"

It’s a very old build, from long before special spiral (or ares) was released. Now you might want to switch wrath to special spiral and heavy blade to hardy bearing.
The principle of this build is to launch an aoe special every player phase with wrath, or every fight with special spiral. Quite a classical one, it’s easy to understand how it work with special spiral, but it’s a bit more tricky with wrath.
With wrath, you’ll want to drop under 75% in the first fight. I’ll resume how it work for making it more understandable : The first fight you’ll charge your 3cd aoe special (and maybe kill the ennemy), you’ll drop under 75% hp too. Then you dance him/wait for the next player phase. He’ll launch his CD so it’ll have 3cd again, Arthur’s will smack the remaining ennemy unit’s hp with usually one attack with heavy blade, so it’ll go down to 1. Next player phase, because Arthur’s is under 75% hp, wrath reduce his special cd by one, so it’ll go back to 0!
On a side note : wrath power-up the aoe damage by 10, so he’ll launch bigger special with wrath than special spiral

Quad build Idea

It’s an expensive build who need at least one B!Eliwood, a 5* F!Takumi and a brave axe.
You can swap atk/spd ruse for desperation.
This build can show Arthur’s can do everything : At 100% hp without buff, he’ll sit at 50/38 offensives stats, nothing too amazing but still solid for a brave weapon user. But when he’ll get under 80% => 57 atk and 45spd. For a brave weapon user, it’s starting to be really nice. And with atk/spd buff, he’ll sit at 63/51 offensives stats. It’s litteraly the atk/spd of a +10 +spd Raven with basilikos LnD refine and fury3, but with one more atk and spd! And this bad boi QUAD! While still sporting 47/34/28 without buff defensives stats!
Exemple of the greatness of this build :

FEH combat simulator with Arthur’s under 75%, desperation B slot, 6 atk/spd buff. Die only to Zelgius/Arden/W!Tharja, Bike (not all set), LA!Hector who have wary fighter (and survive with 4HP) otherwise he die, L!Hector die, L!Ike die, Ayra die, etc…

On a side note : You could make this build more budget with LnD/swift sparrow 2, with LnD and 3df, you’ll only miss 1spd but will be at 29/23 defensives stats (which are still not bad) and swift sparrow with 3df you’ll miss 1atk and 2spd but will have intact defensives stats

You could also go for a classic desperation offensive build who work wonderfull.
He can be build in almost anything and will be great (at high merges/DF though)

I willingly didn’t put any DF because they are a scarce currency and usually peoples don’t want to +10’s unit who aren’t they fav (and usually they just +5’s unit they use and don’t like the most)

That’s all for me, if you have somes questions, feel free to ask!