Articuno Raid Hour Duo Question

I am wondering about Articuno. I don’t really need Articuno per se but I wouldn’t a good IV non shadow Articuno. I really want the rare candy.

So I am wondering if I am able to duo the raid. I other trainer is level 37 with a level 39 Charizard without Blast Burn & some additional meta relevant Pokémons at level 39. No shadow Pokémons.

I have multiple meta relevant level 40 Pokémons, including Charizard with Blast Burn. Game press raid guide doesn’t mention anything about Shadow Moltres.

Both Charizards will mega evolve with Charizard Y, I have shadow Moltres, best friend boost, and hopefully sunny weather boost.

Will this be enough power to take down Articuno?

In general, Articuno is an easy duo with rock-slingers. Fire-types, even when Mega-boosted, aren’t going to be as powerful. Do you have any decent ( >lvl30) Rampardos, Rockperior, SmackDown T-tars, or even just A-Golems? Then you can totally duo it! Using Mega Charizard and some maxed Blast Burn users (not Charizard, Blaziken is much better here) will work, just not as well and not really worth the Mega cost IMHO. Moltres and Charizard will fail HARD against Ancient-Power variants of Articuno and don’t fare well against the ice attacks either so avoid those. Shadows are entirely unnecessary for this raid. Good luck!

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I will say something for my personal experience.

Have both lvl 40 accounts, similar team1 each( Rampardos in front, Aggron as a closer and Terrakion, SD Ttar and 2 RW Rhyperiors) all lvl 40. 2nd team are TTars, Golems or Rhyperiors 35 lvl.

In Partly Cloudy, its easy. But in any other weather, i won, but have like 10 sec left only in hardest movesets. Go only Rock, even Fire in Sunny arent close to Rock DPS.

If you havent full Rock at least 1 team, in neutral weather dont see much chance. In Partly Cloudy, still need most team Rock, but can be fill with Mtagross or Fire( especially in Sunny)

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what @captpepperjack said, you need rock attackers not fire.

There are websites to check simulate raids with your team. I personally prefer to use this site, but they haven’t updated Megas in their database yet. Most shadows are in it though.

This screenshot is a list of level 30 articuno counters by its DPS. You will need at least 56+ DPS to beat level 5 bosses.

PS: Articuno and Moltres are easy duos with rock due to double weakness, but zapdos duo will require max out top counters + friendship boost (Weather boost makes it much easier).

I lost one earlier trying with two 40s. I think it had Ice Beam in rain, it was late in the raid clock and I didn’t set up the teams so it probably threw a Heatran or Metagross in there. Ancient Power ones are much easier. Easy duo is a miscalculation, you can probably beat anything with a couple of tries/adjustments. Maybe don’t start with only 10 minutes left.

1 account I have pretty much everything meta relevant but other account not so much with the exception of T-Tar, Mega Charizard, Regular Golem, Rampados. That is about it.

I am hoping maybe another player will pop up in the raid but since it’s Articuno, who knows.

Trying to see what happens. With about 4 gyms within walking distance with 2 more semi at a distance…I thought maybe try to use the 2 free passes

With one account packing the right stuff you might compensate enough. I’ve finished a duo with 100s on the clock with rock weather boosted, around 55s non weather boosted but with both accounts using L30+ Rampardos and RW Rhyperior.

So I suppose one account doing the heavy lifting and another chipping in decent damage, you might make it. I suppose if you’re using a mix of rock and fire it doubles your chances of getting a weather boost from two fairly common weather types.

Really 55 second in neutral weather with no 40 lvl attackers? Or it was vs Ancient Power, because i still have to encounter that one.

Some of my RW Rhyperior are L40, I’d said 30+ as the back end are 31-32 and not the best IV, but RW is a beast of a move on Rhyperior. I forget 'Cuno’s moveset.

Actually having taken a look at the TTW for fire stuff on pokebattler I take it back, no amount of help from a rock team will help out a fire team. You’ll do better cobbling together a rock team, or sending random invites and hoping you don’t get any of the “must be 5 level 40s or I’m ducking out on 15s” crowd.

Level 20 Rhyperior (Smack Down/Rock Wrecker) deal 22.5 DPS
Level 40 Reshiram (Fire Fang/Overheat) deal 21.8 DPS

Don’t use fire attacker at all and a duo really isn’t that hard with level 30+ rock attackers. Most people should have at RR rhyperior since CD was from earlier this year. If you only have 4 of those at level 30+, just go in with the 4 and max revive them. Don’t fill your team with non-rock attackers.

I made this spreadsheet below for my community, please ignore any typos or errors as i made this very quick and did this without getting paid :slight_smile: .The columns in yellow highlights are players needed to beat Mega Pidgeot or articuno at certain level, assuming all are using the same pokemon at the same level through the raid. For example, if all players use level 30 rhyperior, it takes 1.9 players to take down Articuno in 300 seconds. 1.9 means it’s a close duo, where something like 1.3 would be an easy duo.

A little more info on these spreadsheets - Before GBL existed, my only fun in this game was to do short man raids as challenge. People in my community is always asking “how many are needed to beat” the T5 bosses, so i started making these spreadsheets for them. T5 raids are 300 seconds and boss’ hp is always 15,000. I took out 30 seconds for relobbying, pokemon fainting, game glitching. So [15,000HP divide 270 seconds] get you 55.55 DPS needed to take down a T5 boss. When you build your team, try to average out your DPS. If it can go above 56 DPS, it is almost guaranteed to take down the boss unless the game crashed at some point. If your DPS under but close (50-55 DPS), there is still a chance but you will need some RNG luck.

Disclaimer: I just take DPS from the website i forwarded from the link above. The 10% friend boost and 20% weather boost was a straight multiplication of 1.10 and 1.20 of level 40 DPS. I did not take Break/Bulk point into account. I honestly did this to save time, so it is not 100% accurate all the time.

Hope this helps!


Thank you guys for your replies. It really helps.

Thanks again guys for helping me with Articuno.

Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. I mega evolved Charizard Y to see what would happen in sunny weather. Rampados was my best buddy. Used Terakion, Rhyperior. I forgot what else I used. Other account was similar in Pokémons. All Pokémons where level 39 to 40.
Best Friends and some picked up on the invite to the raid.
Not sure if the other player started the raid or not, even though I thought she did. But I timed out.

I was going to try again but thankfully two other players popped in and completed the raid with me.

It’s too bad that the legendaries are too hard for me to do but I am happy to stay at the T3 raids if the former T4 Pokémons are in the T3 raids.

You’re welcome to join our FB messenger raid group if you want to do more legendaries. We remote raid across Europe and N. America. DM me if you’re interested and I’ll give you the details.

Thank you for your offer Oaf. I do manage to do pretty well on the legendaries. Players with a certain set skill love playing by the beach, so I ended up over there to do legendaries.

With the pandemic and remote passes legendary raids are a little easier to do near my home. I managed to catch

I really didn’t need this Articuno because I lucked out during GoFest with a 96% Shadow Articuno and a 96% Shadow Moltres.