Artoria Caster and upcoming Summer Banner

Will both be available at the same time?

It said mid June and the Artoria caster Banner lasts up to the 17th.

It’s a possibility, honestly. After all, the summer 5 social campaign ends the 12th and the CCC banner overlapped one day with Castoria.


Anniversary and Summer never overlap. If summer starts mid july then as soon as castoria ends summer starts

That would be bad for me.

I saved 900 Quartz for Kiara.
If there were any left i wanted to use the rest on Artoria Caster.

Have you gotten castoria?
If not, I highly advice you roll and get her. you won’t be able to use kiara to her full extension without her.

At the end of the day it is your choice because of waifu reasons so decide what’s best for you


Yeah Kiara then. Raikou/Merlin is my to go team.

Not for Waifu reasons, I just want her to mess up Master.


It overlapped on JP, and the campaign for Summer 5 ends on the 12th of July.


Then I need to see the schedule better next time :fgo_fujigloom:

Thanks for the heads up though


Very welcome! I’m hoping she comes soon so I can get my rolls done and hopefully then feel okay with finishing Castoria!


Nevermind: 2022.7.12
So i can go for both :grinning:
Although i am more intrested in Davinci as a character

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I’ll be going all in on Summer Kiara then see what’s left for other rolls myself. Good luck!

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Hmm would you say a newer player would need/want kiara if the alternative is getting np2 da Vinci and waiting for space Ishtar next year?

Do you have Sieg? Sieg, not Siegfried.


Well I took a look at his kit for the first time and it just has loop and max np damage written all over it, no wonder y’all got the hots for him…

Maybe I’ll level up and overwork Chen gong

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In that case Summer Kiara is the better investment if you want an omni-farmer - but she will want all the investment she can take.

If you really like Lolivinci however then go for her; Chen Gong can be used for Assassin nodes, alongside a decent battery ST Servant or Zerker if 2/1/x. Arash mixes with Gong amazingly too thanks to the Buster up.

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That’s what I feel is the better thing to do—my logic being I already have np1 Vinci so it’s one extra roll for either kiara or her np2 so sq cost is the same. Chen gong takes care of assassins and then I’ll just spend more time on weird nodes if I have to. Can’t run before I can walk now…

You can always wait until next week and decide based on story & borrowed gameplay - banners will overlap.

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Ooh good idea. My dumbass probably can’t get an accurate feel since borrowed won’t have DCS as backup

Sure but you’ll know if you like her, and you can always restrict Da Vinci similarly (just remember she has flat 40% refund via regen/NP effect).

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Well i used Chen gong for the first time today.

I don’t think I’ll be needing kiara

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