Artoria lancer team comp

I just literally pulled artoria lancer, working on leveling her up she is one of my favorite servants in the game but idk what would be a good setup with her like team members, any advice?

Merlin is perfect for her, covers her lacks of defensive and boosts her buster damage.

The rest depends on what you’re using her for, i always use mine for farming so i just pair her with Artoria Lancer Alter to stack buffs and crit. Her skills pretty much already cover all she needs, her only weakness is her survivability so Mashu/Waver or any taunters are all good options.

Congrats on getting her, she really is an amazing servant.

She’s an amazing farmer, so you want to capitalize on that.

(That means Waver!)

For general-purpose content, Merlin is good. He charges her NP and can flood the field with stars. And heals. You know, Merlin stuff.

Since she has attack and buster steroids already, you want to give her either a crit weight CE or an NP strength up CE for more consistent performance. A buster up CE works too, but with Merlin that’s a little redundant.