Artorium Hunt - Saber Wars Rerun Challenge Quest

Good evening everyone,

CQ for the rerun just unlocked, so I’ll just go right on ahead with the obligatory thread for it. Also, just as Artoria>Altria, I feel Artorium has a far better ring to it, hence the title

It’s pretty much another go of Nera’s Servant-menagerie in last year’s Nerofest-rerun - nowhere near as finicky, higher HP-numbers. Nothing that destroyer of bad civ Etzel-chan - plus a couple Command Seals, I’ll admit - can’t handle, of course:

I may give it another go later with salvatrix Kiara once I got the ladder done. Feel free to share your approaches to it!

EDIT: For ease of use, you can read GP’s guide by Chrislexa


I’ll get to this at some point after finishing the shop before clearing the ladder.

Honestly a joke lol, not in any rush for it, and am absolutely going to take the simplest approach - not that that’ll be hard, this looks like an absolute joke in terms of difficulty, as is standard for those with DMG CEs.

(And no, not keen on trying a non-DMG CE run for not-funsies, I couldn’t care less about flex.)


Easiest Challenge Quest i personally did. 1st try and my only reset scum was to get a good screenshot.

Raikou is just the best.

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It is a bit of a shame there is a Berserker hidden in there, otherwise the mighty Jeanne should be able to solo without a single DMG CE.

I’d do that in a heartbeat because Jeanne.

But no.

How could you, DW. :(

Nobody died, yay. Also, my first CQ where I didn’t have to use seals!


That’s a really good feeling, isn’t it?


Awe… You took my thing lol

Oui swept them all to outer space.
Aslo my Tamamo made her debut.


Just Enuma Elish (about 3 times) everything to oblivion:

  • Face cards + SAlter NP to clear Nezha. (Lucky art chain first turn.)
  • Enuma Elish to clear Atalante + Rama.
  • Gandr on Billy when he Evade before NP. Kill him next turn.
  • Finally, kill Lu Bu (NP twice), Nito (Waver brave chain), Drake in that order.

No command seal used, Mecha-Eli and Herc not needed. Have to reset once when Lu Bu unleashed that 10K buster attack on Gils so that he did that to SAlter instead.

All my thanks for a friend Waver with MLB Star of Altria.


Here’s the guide for anyone who needs it.

Went in blind with a primarily “Red Until Dead” strategy. Newly upgraded Cu needed to go for a walk, anyway.

First run ended when lubu critted Salter 1 turn prior to me unleashing a battle ending “Excalibur Morgan!!!”

So I tried again. Things went less fluidly and I bumped the record button to end the recording during Atalante’s NP. Had to rush to record again… Was fun nonetheless.


Arturia > Artoria >> Altria in my opinion.


Insert obligatory AAAAARTHAAAAA :fgo_morilaugh: here

there should really be a zerkerlot emoji

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This was mine. DaVinci for the AOE Clear, Bedi for the st nuke on Lu Bu

And it actually worked too. Ended up being the double Wavers as last servants standing against drake but they pretty much kept her stun locked and it took me 14 turns to do. Bedi still did work on everyone and I’m so proud of him.

As always, threw in Holmes for CQs. For support I took Waver with MLB Star of Altria. Took me 17 turns, but hey, a clear is a clear.


Nothing beats a mother’s love.


I used my standard party, just with a few CE changes.

Billy got a total bullsh*t lucky crit on Musashi, taking out about 7k HP and causing her to die a few turns later with only Rama, Nito, and Drake left alive. Fortunately, Mash/Merlin/Waver is really hard to kill, with Mash and Waver’s defense buffs ensuring they can tank any NP that Merlin can’t just “LOLNOPE”, especially with Waver’s charge drain. They made sure there were no further casualties.

Overall a pretty easy CQ—basically a free Lore.

Had some fun with this one

And anotha one

Tried to do a Hoku solo, but was always a bit short on damage. I’ll try again with MLB SoA on both taunters