Arts/Crit help for a new user?

Hey Yall! New user here on the site, and was wondering if yall had some insight to help out my arts crit team!
Servants I currently have available to use are: CasGil, Hans, all three Emiyas, ZerkerVlad, Caster of Okeanos, Edison, Mash, and Robin Hood. I have a few Tamamos and Wavers on my friend’s list.

Right now, I’m currently running the frontline as: Emiya (Alter)- Another Ending. CasGil- 2030. Hans- 2030. I find this setup to give Emiya (alter) plenty of crit stars and crit damage. Back line has Mash with either another 2020 or Ideal Holy King, and switching the last spot with either ZerkerVlad or Emiya (assassin), both holding formal craft, or K.scope.

Also, as I’m new to the site, I’d really appreciate if yall could point me ont to a rules/FAQs section or post. Idk If I’m blind or just dumb, but I couldn’t seem to find one, thank you in advance!


Hello new user! I’m pretty new to the game so I won’t be of much help but new faces are always nice to see.


Hi there, welcome to the forums!

For starters, it’s excellent that you have Caster Gilgamesh, as he is a very strong Arts support, and he’s most notable for generating a heck ton of stars. So that’s good.

Unfortunately, nobody else you have really fits the role of the actual damage dealer in an Arts Crit team with exception of Emiya (Assassin) given his second skill. You can also make do with Emiya (Alter) in this regard since he’s generally high damage anyway, but don’t expect his crit damage to reach the high ceilings that other servants like Saberlot can.

Both Tamamo or Waver would work well for you, but Waver might be better if you want to go the crit route because of his absolutely nutty first skill. Of course, just as an Arts team alone, what you have is excellent and will work well enough for your purposes.

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They didn’t exactly make it the easiest to find, so it’s fine that you missed it.

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Thanks for the input!

Ahh, thank you so much!

Rad Vlad and EMIYA (Assassin) are what you’ll want to go with for damage. Robin and EMIYA Alter only have “is an archer” for crit ability, but both benefit from the extra NP gain that comes with critting as that is their real role.
Both Vlad and Kerry have similar roles in stall teams as “can deal some damage but more importantly reduce enemy charge gauge.” Tamamo, Vlad, and Waver is the classic stall team, but you might be able to get away with using Edison and/or Andersen, should you decide to do that.
Since only the one of them has a crit damage skill, consider using Gem Magecraft: Antumbra or Knight’s Dignity. Gil already has an Arts boost and you’re definitely covered if you’re bringing a Tamamo. There’s also Hot Spring Under the Moon if you want to put a hybrid CE on a support and Summertime Mistress for early burst.
Also I just noticed that the only 5* crit damage CEs are welfares. The remaining one is Fortress of the Sun in the situation where you need to use Kerry for an early NP, but then also stargen and damage.

Possibly better damage dealers to look out for would be: Lancelot/Yagyuu/Saber Hokusai (JP), who are all the same servant; Sheba; BB; as well as possibly Kuro, Holmes, summer Nito, both Li Shuwens, assassin Shiki, Fionn, and Nursery Rhyme.
And for JP: The Emperor, of course; Izou, possibly Loli Vinci, Luvia, and summer Jannu. Chiron is a JP crit support as well.

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Honestly, Regular Emiya is the best crit Archer out of your Emiya roster. Once he gets his strengthenings done, at least. Hawkeye is very good for crit teams. And he has a Caster deck, so arts crit I guess? Atumbra would probably be your best bet since you most likely don’t have Hot Springs if you wanna go the crit route. Drunk Jalter isn’t bad either but again, it’s possible you don’t have that CE. Waver is usually better than Tamamo because of that instant 50% charge but either works perfectly fine. Just throw a mash 2030 along in the front line and most things will die

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Hmm. I don’t really have much experience with this strat but I do know Casgil is the best arts oriented support for arts crit due to his kit leaning towards offensive teams with his attack and star drop buffs along with his multi hit AoE NP. One other unit that does insane artscritting by himself without needing much help would be Lancelot Saber. Other than that, your usual build should be:

  • A DPS arts unit (preferably something that has good star weight. Riders, archers and assassins are the best at this.) CEs that increase crit damage and starweight are good here.

  • One arts support unit (CasGil is the best here for more consistent artscritting as his buffs are 3 turn. Someone like Mozart could also be fine for burst critting as he has that insta crit skill. Aside from them Merlin and Hans can also work.) CEs that produce stars are good here. 2030 is the best.

  • Lastly, a servant that produces a shit ton of stars at consistent rates (preferably someone that has little star weight like sabers, casters and berserkers). CEs that increase star drop rate is ideal here.

This is the general idea but I’m sure people here with more experience would give you better servant recommendations. Prefer servants that have an arts deck (AAAQB) for more effective arts chaining and easier np gain. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the replies yall! Always a pleasure picking the brains of people with more knowledge/experience than myself!!

When you say Drunk Jalter, I assume you mean Holy Night Supper? I just got it MLBd thanks to the Christmas Rerun last month, and have been playing with it on Kerry! Think I like it way better than KScope at the moment, since it still gives me np gauge and that nice buff to crit damage

Hoping to roll for Saberlot in the camelot banner this coming year! Ended up finding a site with banner dates based on JP, so will be saving and planning rolls for servants I want/need!