Arts DEF support

Im looking for Arts-based support to increase my team’s survivability. Something except Merlin, Waver and Mash. I actually have Ms. “Most Useless SSR In The Game” , but I dont think her all-team guts is what I need. Mb you have any ideas?

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Who df is Ms. Also theres not huge amount of supports, especially defensive arts apart from ones you mentioned, i guess maybe hans is one, he can quite easily np multiple times and it has defence up, especially since he has a big battery. Gil caster also, but both of these defence utility is tied to their np, gil no battery and hans is chanced based. Also both not significant enough to really mitigate or tank through all damage.

Edit : theres also paraceles and boudica, boudica is just a trash mash, and para doesnt offer much support (guts+arts), but he does also have massive battery with a Aoe atk down on NP that functions identical to defence up, but its susceptible to debuff resist and also its not a huge value.

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Gil has a def buff on his NP

Jeanne for tanking
Hans for budget everything support
Iri for teamwide guts
D’eon for taunting
Medea lily for healing
Boudica as worse Mash
Tama for cool down reduction and healing


Much obliged.



The two that come to my mind are Ruler Jeanne (who needs NP2 to give decent amount of def) and Archuria.

The latter is pretty nice as Archuria’s the best ST archer in the game and has a chance based np gage drain on her np!

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Waver and Mash are the best def supports tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edison has atk down and crit chance down tied to his NP and he can spam it reasonably well with Tamamo but then you’re running a control/stall team.

CasGil has a moderate def buff but it’s not enough on its own.

Archuria also has a def buff tied to her arts boost.

There’s always Hans but he’s a little squishy and a lot of his kit goes to waste if you’re not running a crit team.

Yagyu is an interesting option, since he can stack Atk down.

Scheherazade’s teamwide Guts is nice (won’t be here for another month tho) but only really as a last resort because you’re about to eat an NP. And it’s better to have a lot of healing stored up afterwards.

But lots of Arts servants are just naturally bulky—Tamamo, Kiara, d’Eon, etc—or have enough utility/sustain to keep them on the field—BB, Bride, Munenori, Hokusai, etc.


No one suggesting fluffy boy? His NP is one of the best defensive NP. Massive atk and def debuff. His only problem is staying alive to use his NP

Tamamo - arts buff, self def buff, stall, NP heals and lowers skill cooldows
Caster Gil - arts buff, star droprate, debuff chance up, NP party def buff
Boudica - arts buff, guts, NP party def buff
Paracelsus - arts buff, any target guts, NP charge, NP enemy attack down
Jannu - NP is a one-turn party invuln and regen, self-stun gets removed after interlude. the def buff is only 5% at NP1 though.
Edison - star + NP gen skill, self def buff that later is any target + skill cooldown reduction, NP enemy NP seal and attack down
d’Eon - taunt+heal, evade, NP enemy def and attack down (needs NP levels to matter though)
Andersen - NP has party regen and 80% chance per member for a def buff
Waver - party def+damage cut, NP enemy stun chance + charge reduction chance
Asterios - self def buff, NP has a one-turn very large def+attack debuff for all enemies
Medea Lily - biggest heal in the game (not as useful as you’d think)
Nightingale - heal skill, NP heals and reduces enemy NP damage
Iri - heal, NP heals and party guts
Merlin - party invuln, NP heals and restores NP
Schez - charge reduction, large anti-trait enemy attack down + party guts (later)
Yagyu - evade, (single target) attack down, NP attack down that gets really big with overcharge (single target)
Sheba - arts (and buster) buff, NP attack down (single target) (kind of small)

Lanling - party attack and arts buffs, NP enemy attack debuff
the emperor - all enemy charge reduction, all enemy stun chance, NP self taunt+invuln
Miyu - bad Merlin
Murasaki - NP seal chance, party damage cut
Reines - party def+damage cut, NP charges, targetable invuln, NP reduces enemy crit rate and makes super-effective damage neutral
Jinako - NP charge, taunt, targetable invuln, NP self invuln
Asclepius - np seal chance, party NP charge, party NP gain rate, heal, NP party guts and single target crit rate down
Chen Gong - party def+damage cut

Most of what I had planned on writing has already been covered so I’ll simply add a bit of commentary instead.

HIs damage cut is also nice in arts teams.
500-1500 for 3 turns can handle most chipping damage.
I believe it also stacks so he can provide the team with durability on the same level as Fujino.

The taunt/crit down is also very useful for survivability.

Are you excluding Merlin, Waver, and Mash because you’re already using them? If so, that should be more than sufficient survivability for any situation, and I’d look into changing your other team members and/or play style rather than stacking even more defensive supports.

The most important addition to any arts team is Best Fox Wife, Tamamo-no-Mae, as she provides both survivability and damage via her buffs, while also making everybody else’s buffs much more potent (via increased uptime from her cool down reduction). She works great with Waver or Merlin, so she’s who I’d recommend.

I’m excluding those three for another reason. Waver/Merlin - too OP, so it’s boring to use them. And Mash… I hate her character. I just tried to find any alternative option. Anyway, thank you for your answer.

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