Arts Reigns Supreme! - Interlude Campaign Part 15 Roll Thread

Interlude Campaign 15 has arrived, and with it we have 3 spectacular Arts Single Target Servants on Rate-Up!

For our first SSR , we have the regal yet fierce Gemini Twins Dioscuri under the class of Saber.

While Dioscuri’s are not receiving a buff , they are very versatile with their assortment of unique passives and cohesive kit. Dioscuri’s are very flexible due to their Noble Phantasm’s ability to not only Ignore Invincible, and Defense but also stack Arts & Quick down debuffs on 1 enemy for 3-Turns (10%) , paired with their skills “Star of the King of the Gods A” and “Mana Burst (Light/Ancient) A” they’re truly a force to be reckoned with.


The second SSR featured is none other than the man dubbed with the title “No Second Strike”, Li Shuwen as Assassin.

Li Shuwen is loyal , deadly and of course calculated. He is a servant with capabilities that are just waiting to be explored. Post NP strengthening Li Shuwen will have a 150% chance to apply Death to one Enemy , however we all know how niche “IK” is especially among a ST. Despite that, his NP strengthening will significantly increase his already devastating 1-Hit NP will reach the pinnacle, becoming the highest damage dealing Arts ST Noble Phantasm! Li’s NP also deals 20% Defense down before damage application for 3-Turn’s.

I shall have a clip showcasing Li Shuwen’s capabilities in a matter of moments , stay tuned !

Last but not least we have our Dazzling Goddess of Justice, the gorgeous Astraea as our featured SR!

Despite her beautiful demeanor and Defensive classing (Ruler) she is a servant much more focused on dealing damage. Astraea’s Arts Crit-NP based play style makes her very adaptable and enjoyable to play, now with her NP Strengthening many more will be able to enjoy the experiences that I’ve show cased since her release first hand at much lower investments!

This is a major win for any Luvia fans that may have been attracted to higher investment but had been unable to achieve such. Astraea’s Anti-Evil Noble Phantasm previously dealt significant damage to 1 Evil trait enemy , as well as generating 20 stars for the following turn. Post NP strengthening Astraea will also have Ignore Invincible upon NP as if her NP wasn’t loaded already ! :fgo_ohoho:

I shall also provide a video showcasing Astraea’s new capabilities once I begin my journey through Heian-kyo, please look forward to it!

This banner is a surprise to me and I felt as if it was made for me personally. I look forward to finishing off my Appends early for the two servants that are my Pride and Joy, my Lv120 Astraea & Lv120 Li Shuwen

Link to the Artwork used for Dioscuri

Fate/Grand Order, Miyamoto Musashi, Dioscuri (Fate) / オリュンポス - pixiv

Link to the Artwork used for Li Shuwen

Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/GO 1000+ bookmarks / 人智統合真国シン - pixiv

Link to the Artwork used for Astraea

Fate/Grand Order, Astraea (Fate), Fate/Grand Order / アストライア - pixiv

Wishing anyone who is planning to roll good fortune, and I’d like to thank Lasengle for the early Christmas present :fgo_iwillereshyou:

Ps: I used Artwork related to the servants in-game scenes , while this may be viewed as a “spoiler” I hope it is understandable since the servants featured are Lostbelt related and this is an Interlude Campaign.


Second Roll = 6th copy for max Append’s + Lv120

One pack for tonight , no Luvia in sight but there’s hope for tomorrow’s bout with the “Evil” Gacha :fgo_ohoho:


Astraea is so tempting but gotta stay strong for Martha. Good luck to everyone on their rolls


For those who have them, tested them, or are on JP; between Astraea and XX, who is the superior servant for the future 1/1/1 nodes or similar? I want my next grail project to be a single target that I like and both are favorites, specially X and her servantverse variants who are the only Artorias that I truly like.

I have Luvia at Np2 and XX at 3, which I believe is a factor to consider. As always, thanks for any insight.

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I tried my weekly ticket, but no luck with the Old Man. If I get more tickets, I’ll see if he answers.


They are both quite good, but I would make the case for Astraea given her excellent NP, refund potential, and crit game.

Her only real weakness is that her face cards other than Arts aren’t great, but her skills make up for that deficit and then some.

P.S. Don’t pay any mind to the fact that GP ranks Astraea slightly lower than MHXX; they have it backwards. Even if all else were equal, Ruler is a better class container with its hidden damage mod.


I wasn’t going to roll but my free fp roll today was good (2 3 stars servants and CE) so I took the bait :fgo_gudako: 44x later my Astraea is np4 (from np1) and have my 7th BG and 2nd 2030 :fgo_jeannecheer: Was really hoping for a Dioscuri for the voice acting but have to stop rolling before I ruin my Oberon (and maybe Koyan) guarantee


but that 1 turn invul :fgo_insane:

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I cannot take seriously a tier list that still puts Berserk Lancelot on A when he requires massive investment to work properly. Joking aside, I forgot that rulers have the class mod. 1.2 I believe compared to the flat normal that most classes have.

It seems buff girl wins. Thanks again, Gou.


I suppose I could also give MHXX points for killing my least favorite class, but :man_shrugging:


1.1, but still solid :slight_smile: My pleasure!


Don’t like pretenders?

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Sabers. Boring class container, even though I do like a few of them individually.


F2P USO moment

For 61 tickets I get to unlock Li’s 3rd append before 6th Anniversary, and free up my SSR ticket there for a different servant.

As bonuses, I get a new L40 Astraea joining my existing L1 Astraea as well as a L1 Lakshmibai in my expanding collection of niche utility fodders. Good haul.


I know the Dioscuri is permanent, but I love their kit and design, and also the Uchida siblings who voice them. I was originally just going for NP2, but caved and managed to get NP3. One day I’ll get them at NP5, but I’m happy for now.


Here is a little demonstration of what Li Shuwen is capable of post NP Strengthening- FGO TA Lv120 Li Shuwen (Assassin) 3-Turn Wodime - [Lostbelt 5.2 Olympus 23-3] - YouTube

Pre-buff Li Shuwen was unable to reach the damage threshold on Turn-1 due to the 50% Critical Damage Resistance that Wodime applies to himself with “Atlas’s Contract” , paired with his skill “Septem’s Evening” which stacks 100% Critical Damage Resistance 3x

“Orleans’s Trench” which is a 3x Debuff Immunity skill, restricts Li from applying 20% Defense down each turn, however thanks to Li’s NP buff with Interlude 15 Campaign, Li is able to brute force his way through Wodime’s Magecraft.


Thank you very much :fgo_ereshlove:

Best of luck if you decide to roll , he’s definitely worth it.

Astraea is the better gameplay pick but if you’re grailing solely on gameplay I must admit that Astraea without grails is quite the competitive ST dps. Assuming you’re not hitting Evil-Trait she will still do wonders.

I’ve yet to do any 1-1-1 nodes yet but if you’re only really looking at the 10% difference in self charge, Astraea will still give you more bang for your buck especially since Astraea has Atk/Def + NP gain on her S1 and her Mana burst (S2) generates stars along with her NP making her S3 very easy to access, not to mention it’s very short cool down if you decide to take her somewhere other than farming.


Gameplay is indeed a factor but in the end I also want to hear my favorites without feeling nauseum with their voices. I love most of the DPS’s that I used during the Skadi era, but my god hearing Skadi herself was irritating. Something with her voice I found jarring unlike normal Scathach. I don’t have that problem with Castoria since I can imagine her being a younger XX when using her older version.

Your thoughts only cemented what Gou said about Astraea, so I am raising her per your suggestions. When she reaches higher levels I’ll eventaully post her in the grail thread together with Nero and Tamamo.


Threw 7 tickets and 9 SQ for Li and Astraea, but got nothing.
It happens, and at least I tried.


This was my saltiest gacha experience yet (I’ve been a little too lucky in general). Having Luvia who I wanted more NP copies of and Dioscuri who were my most wanted 5* currently on NA was a recipe for disaster as a bait banner. Started with NP2 Luvia and no Dioscuri, with 10 tickets and 150 sq to roll. Ended up too salty to take screenshots of the later multis.

Tickets were decent as I managed to snag a copy of Luvia from them. Then the 150 quartz I had saved up was also decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. Most notable rolls were Luvia + Zouken CE which I did not have, and a CE with 6 gold CEs.

I had a gut feeling that I was due to get an SSR so I bought a pack. First multi was unremarkable, probably a min roll. I honestly don’t remember. But on the second multi I got a large pause so I knew I was probably getting an SSR. I saw a rider card and got a sense of impending dread, and lo and behold I got spooked by Drake. The salt flowed like a river.

The silver lining was I had gotten NP5 Luvia from that. I still had a decent amount of quartz so I could have been reasonable and taken my winnings and gotten the hell out but alas, I am an unrepentant gacha sinner. So I blew through the rest of the pack and got nothing apart from an NP level for Tammycat who I have never used and doubt I will ever use.

Now at this point I decided to dip into my fragment stash (~1800 fragments or roughly 270sq). Unsurprisingly, even after pulling 90sq from it I got pretty much nothing. So I bought another pack. I guess I got my first copy of the Kayneth CE and Witchcraft but they’re not likely to see much use. I also got Nyalter, who also will not see much use.

So I converted my remaining fragments (about 120sq worth) and just threw it at the banner. Thankfully Dioscuri appeared on the 2nd of those multis so I could finally rest. I also got 3 more copies of Luvia at some points along the way but I can’t remember when they appeared, nor do I particularly want to know.

Have I learnt my lesson? Probably not.

NP2 > NP8 Luvia
NP0 > NP1 Dioscuri
NP0 > NP1 Drake (much to my dismay)
NP2 > NP3 Tammycat (apart from I’ll probably burn the copy for an RP)
NP0 > NP1 Nyalter

Started with ~450 sq, ended with ~60 even with the +330 from 2 large packs. So about 720sq total spent when I was meant to be saving for Muramasa. And I just remembered and cannot be bothered to edit it in earlier, but there was a multi paid for by bond 11 Ibaraki. So 750sq spent total. Not the worst result but that spook caused so much more pain than needed.

Edit: forgot to screenshot Dioscuri as I enhanced them so throwing this here. NP1 and staying that way because my heart cannot afford to roll on this banner any more.