Arts Team Building

During my time playing I have been pulling a lot of Art Centric servants I have been meaning to build some good teams with but never really got around to it, that and I’m not sure who would perform best together.

My notable Arts Servants are:
Caster Gil (NP3)
Chiron (NP2)
Emiya (Assassin)
Emiya (Archer)
Vlad III

Any help putting together a effective team is very appreciated!

Tamano and Nero Bride are the two supports for high-end Arts. They make Vlad shine, for example.

That said, Gilgamesh and Lancelot play together very well. Back them up with either Hans or Merlin for extra crit power.

Edison and Emiya (Assassin) are both good in various stall teams. Mash is a good choice to pair with them as well.

Got tama or waver too? Them plus Edison make a very solid np denial stall team. Edison has np seal atack down, crit down etc, waver and tama have drain, and with all the defense, healing, charge and cool down reduction going on, it’s a satisfying way to take on a CQ. Hard defense not required if they can’t np.

Saberlot and casgil are best buddies for endless arts crit and np spam, though saberlot is self sufficient in 3 turns rounds.

BB is also a good dps for stall strategies with her heal/cleanse/immunity, stun, np5 with team charge.

Something like Casgil / Chiron + Saberlot/EMIYA + Mash / Hans should be your best call.
Base support with Mash + Hans, fuel dmg with Casgil/Chiron and dps.