Arts team for hokusai Saber

I need help with making an arts team for Saber hokusai. i’ve got Tamamo,Caster gil,Chiron,Helena caster, Caster marie aand that’s it for the relevant servants I have for arts stuff. I also have Merlin in case that’s of ony help

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Depends on what your goal is. That said, Saber Hoku is great for crits so if you wanna go that direction, maybe use Helena and Hans to gen crit stars, meanwhile, you could keep Tammy in the back line and use plug suit to slot her in when you wanna use Saber Hoku’s NP

For CEs Heavenly Demon Princess might be her best. It’s got charge, arts and crit boost.

CEs on supports tho, well a few "2030"s if you have them would be ideal, other than that settle on any that give you critstars, otherwise can’t say much.

You’ve got everything she could want atm except Waver/Lan Ling.

Paracelsus is a good shout to use with Tama to buff Hokusai’s NP gen into the sky, plug him out for CasGil with a star bomb CE or a 2030, or a Chiron with a 2030 and you’ve got a happy medium between NP spam and crit capability.

If you don’t have 2030 there are mixed effect CEs with usually 4 stars per turn at MLB. His Rightful Place is the best support option, failing that whatever gives np gen arts or stargen up as the additional effect instead.

For Hokusai herself Black Grail, Holy Night Supper, Demonic Sun-Princess, Mark on a Smiling Face, Royal Icing and Another Ending are all good CE choices.


lan ling hokusai and hans is a solid team. instead of lan ling you can use another servant with triple arts deck and star generation skills (helena can work)


You could try Merlin with Devilish Bodhisattva. He could get you rolling with the first GoA dropping 15 stars per round for 5 rounds at NP1.