As a FEH Player

The way the gacha in this game kinda dissapoints me.
In Fire Emblem Heroes, you could at least use units you got from the gacha that you didn’t want as fodder for skill inheritance and feathers and so on, but in this game, if you get a 4th Clay, all you get is an upgrade to the Clay you know you aren’t going to use. I mean, am I wrong? do the merges actually help in some way? It should at least make it a lot easier to increase their potential.

Once you’ve summoned a character 5 times, the next time you summon that character will get you the thing you use to increase stars.

Or so I’ve heard. Haven’t really experienced that myself.

I’m actually more disappointed from the lack of free first time summon/scout.


Greninja was correct, when you open a dupe of a 5/5 pair you get ticket for that pair’s star level.


And so you can get 3* stuff to 4* and 4* stuff to 5* with that one right? I’m just asking, because I saw that sort of ticket in the “Increase Potential” section.

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Pokemon manuals


Yes we NEED free 1 time summons in Masters. Iirc, weren’t the free summons in FEH not implemented till later? Might be the same with Masters. We can hope.


With how expensive the summoning cost is in Masters, they better implement it.

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More gacha pls

Let’s hope we get as many events and giveaways as in FEH so that we can get more gems

wait only for that specific pair? I thought that was a ticket for general use on any character :thinking:

We’ll get there eventually.
Just small reminder that you only got few feather for discarding 4* & 3* in early FEH.
It’s a time when nobody use Sophia & Odin, but they’re totally kickin now if you use them correctly.

Remember that inherit and merges came after quite a long time in FEH. Also stuff like feathers ware much more rare in first year.

After lunch of the game I doubt that I get any power ups, and now I some 3* ones. On the other hand I buy some gems (I use it for daily summons). But if they dont start adding a lot of 3*/4* Sync pairs everybody eventualy get enought power ups.

The item does work for any sync pair, as long as the number of stars criteria is met, ofc

You can use it on any pair. I didn’t state otherwise in my post, did I?

the “that” confused me there I think :smile:

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Ah I should have been more clear there. You can use the ticket on any pair with the same star rating as the pair you opened’s base star rating. (3 stars give 4 star tickets, 4s give 4s, ect.)

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but what do 5stars give you as tickets?

The 5* tickets just increase the stats. The tickets are literally the same but for any 3*, 4* and 5*.

BUT, i think that i’ve read somewhere that 20 tickets “increase” the rarity and stats of that Sync Pair. So, you can actually use 20 bronz tickets + 20 silver tickets + 20 gold tickets on every 3* Sync pair. If that’s true, some 3* can be a largely better than 4*/5* just with that improvement method.


Good to know

That’s how it works, yep.

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